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Salsa Private Lessons

Private lessons are a great option for those who:

  • Have unpredictable schedules and cannot commit to a 9 week course
  • Want to learn at a faster pace
  • Have prior dance experience and would like catch up to a higher level
  • Want to join their friends in a higher level
  • Want to clean up the skills gained in the group classes
  • Want to gain additional skills to enhance their group lesson instruction

Private classes are catered specifically to the individual's dance goals and need areas. We recommend a maximum of 2 people in a private lesson to maximize individual attention. Sharing a private lesson with a dance partner or friend is a great way to obtain all the benefits of a private lesson at a more affordable shared price. Lessons time are flexible and can be booked at the availability of the student and the instructor. Private lessons can be purchased individually (per hour) or in a package at a discounted rate. Below are a list of instructors currently available for private lessons:

Click here for bio

Evan Carmichael
Senior Instructor

$75/hr per TDS student
$85/hr per couple or non-TDS student
$5/hr discount for package of 5 or more privates purchased in advance

Location of privates: Yonge/Sheppard

Mon & Tues evenings

Levels of Instruction:
Level 1 to Level 6
* also specializes in salsa wedding dances

Contact Evan at:


Click here for bio

Emely Tapar

$70/hr per TDS student
$80/hr per couple or non-TDS student
$5/hr discount for package of 5 or more privates purchased in advance

Location of privates:

Email for availability

Levels of Instruction:
Level 1 to Level 5

Contact Emely at:

Click here for bio

Tracie Yee

$70/hr per TDS student
$80/hr per couple or non-TDS student
$5/hr discount for package of 5 or more privates purchased in advance

Location of privates:
St Clair West and Bathurst area

Tue between 12-5pm/8-10pm
Wed between 12-5pm
Fri between 12-5pm
Other times available upon request

Levels of Instruction:
Level 1 to Level 5
Ladies Styling

Contact Tracie at:



Salsa Private Lessons - FAQ with Evan

How much material can I cover in a one hour private lesson?

Typically in one hour we can cover material from up to three hours of group class lessons. Because you get one on one attention we are able to learn more material at a faster pace. However, because we learn so much in one hour you need to take it upon yourself to review afterwards and practice to build the muscle memory for the moves we learned.

How can I make sure I remember the material covered?

Practice! Nothing will cement the material covered like practice. The more you review, the more you will remember. I also encourage students to practice as soon as you get home from a private because you lose a lot of the information if you don't try it again in the same night.

Can I bring a camera to the private lesson?

Yes! I always encourage students to bring a camera to the private lessons and take the last couple of minutes to record everything that we just learned. This way you have a digital copy that you can play back and review as frequently as you like while you practice. It also helps if you write down the names of the moves so you can remember them later on while you are dancing.

How can I get the most from my private lesson?

Always mention to your instructor ahead of time what you are hoping to learn in your private lesson. Is it to make up a missed lesson? Are you trying to skip a level in the group classes? Do you want to refine some of the moves that you already know? Are you trying to work on body movement? Are you planning a salsa wedding dance? The more the instructor knows ahead of time the better prepared he or she will be to give you the best experience possible during your private lesson.

Do I need a partner for the private lesson?

No. Students can come either with a partner or on their own. All of our instructors know how to lead and follow so they can either dance with you or if you bring a partner can show both the leader and the follower how to complete the different moves. Make sure to check the Levels of Instruction for each instructor to make sure they have the appropriate training for your skill level.

What are some good songs to practice to?

When you're practicing on your own it's best to start with a slow song to make sure you execute the moves correctly. Then you can begin to increase the tempo and test your abilities!

Here are four good songs to practice to:

  • Slow: Jardin Prohibido by Alex Bueno - Listen
  • Medium: Brujeria by Los Nemus - Listen
  • Fast: Aicha by Africando - Listen
  • Very Fast: I Love Salsa by N'Klabe - Listen

How often should I take private lessons?

It's totally up to you. I've worked with some people and taken them from being an absolute beginner to being an intermediate dancer by doing regular weekly private lessons. You may also decide that you just need a private to clean up the material you learned during the group class lessons or to learn material missed because you were away. You can take a private lesson whenever you feel like you need one on one advice to make you a better dancer. Make sure that you then practice what you've learned so you can maximize the benefit of taking private salsa lessons!

How do I book a private lesson?

Above this FAQ we list the different Toronto Dance Salsa Instructors and their availability. Some instructors are located downtown while others are further uptown to make it convenient to take a private lesson. To book with an instructor please email him or her directly - their email addresses are included with their profiles above.


If you have any questions about the above information, you can contact Evan at


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