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Live Your Dreams

Live Your Dreams

Our dance students come to see us to fulfill a dream and we are so proud and happy to say we have been able to make our students' dreams a reality.


Simply Learning to Dance....Finally!


For some it may be simply to learn to dance. As a left footed beginner, learning to dance may seem overwhelming and even impossible, but the reality is that dancing is like most things in life: it gets easier and easier with a little practice and perseverance. It also helps to have really patient, articulate instructors who know how to break down the learning so that it is understandable and achievable. So if you just want to learn to dance, we can help!




Many of our students have a dream to perform. It may feel like a long way away when you are in level 1 but soon after you will be on your salsa journey and along the way will be many opportunities to join a Toronto Dance Salsa Student Performance Team. These classes are an amazing opportunity to live your dreams by learning and performing a set choreography in costume at our special TDS events and transform you into the dancer and performer you have always dreamed of becoming. In addition we also have a Helper Performance Team, which would be the next step in your performance career as well as the final pinnacle, the TDS Pro Dance Team!




Toronto Dance Salsa holds an annual amateur competition for students and helpers of the school. This is a huge events with prizes worth over $10,000 annually and over 1000 spectators in attending for both the preliminary and final rounds. Students who have completed level 3 qualify and it is an amazing opportunity to showcase the student talent and take the skills you have learned with us to a whole new level. For more information, please visit our Competition Section.


Helping, Assisting and Instructing


Many of our higher level students find that they want to help others catch the dance bug and what better way then to become a TDS Helper. Our Helpers are volunteer senior students who assist students in classes. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn more, grow as a dancer and an individual, meet a lot of great dancers and give back. For those who have interesting in instructing, select helpers are chosen to become Assistant Instructors and eventually Instructors for the TDS family.


Whatever your goals and dreams are, we hope we can help them come true! Visit our amazing selection of Toronto Dance Salsa Lessons and Classes to get started!