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Have Fun at Toronto Dance Salsa!

The most important goal we have at Toronto Dance Salsa is to instil a sense of fun in our classes and events. Hey, we know life is hard so we want to make your leisure time is as fun as possible. Our classes are light and our instructors really value and embrace the joy of dancing.


Those of you who will have the opportunity to fall in love with dancing will see the power that this amazing past time has on transforming and lifting your mood. It is a great stress reliever and learning to dance can be a very funny and enjoyable experience.


In addition, the social aspect of dancing is what makes the experience so much fun. You will meet some amazing students in your class as you rotate through during partnerwork. Students tend to bond before, during and after classes. Students get together and go social dancing for practice and friendships are formed very quickly. Many of our students find that within a few months they have an entire new social network of dance friends.


Our outing and events are also a great place to find your "Fun". We hold weekly practice sessions called "Salsa Socials" every Sunday at Empress Studio. Over a hundred students come out every week to dance up a storm and socialize at our socials. In addition, every two weeks we take you to a salsa club around Toronto at such venues as Acrobat Lounge, Peridot Lounge, Six Degrees Nightclub, Plaza Flamingo and El Rancho. On these nights we dress up and really paint the town red. To view photos and information on our events, past and present, visit our Events Page.


If you enjoy an online community, Toronto Dance Salsa also has a fun network of online friends. You can find and connect with dance addicts in our TDS Forums where discussions take place about venues to go dancing, shoes, music, classes, special events and much more. You can also view our two blogs: the Toronto Dance Salsa Blog with Sharon Galor and The Salsa Addiction Centre with Tony Hanyk.


So if adding fun to your life is on your To Do List, visit our Toronto Salsa Lessons and Classes Schedule to register for one of our classes and give your social life a big boost!