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The Dance Economy

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David Nock

Joined: 15 Jun 2008
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Location: Scarboro Bluffs

PostPosted: Mon Dec 29, 2008 4:02 pm    Post subject: The Dance Economy Reply with quote

The Dance Economy:

As we learn to dance, we go off time and miss the beat, even step on toes ... just as we sometimes do in the dance of life. Dance ... as a metaphor of life: we whirl and spin ... lot's of 'back and forth' between partners to the music of time. {And to those on whose toes I've stepped ... physically and figuratively, and there are more than a few, I'm sorry. I've felt the crunching of toes under my foot ... owww, yikes!}

Anyway, Dance as a metaphor of life ... a symbolic of a social economy. A real social economy in itself.

Consider the beauty of dance (beyond the fun) as a form of personal expression and human form ... and communication: between partners and eliciting emotions in those watching ... as well as being very 'high-tech' in the purest form: it is highly technical - technique, while requiring no technological 'things' ... only a beat and melody ... the wavelengths of music.

Think of the value, the self-worth and social benefit with zero pollution. Zero carbon emission (well, aside from energy to record/play the music, etc.). This is an example of the ultimate goal of a truly sustainable economy/society. Which brings to mind the 'Dance Economy'. Never mind 'trickle down' economics; we need to re-write the textbooks based on salsa-economics ... dance economics.

It is amusing, really, that perhaps the most valuable retail operation is the empty storefront of the TDS studio! Think of the value created and shared (a true 'non-zero sum' enterprise, for those who care about such things) ... the commercial monetary exchange is only the beginning: the broader, deeper value of personal health/wellbeing and social interactions. Yet, no bio/physical matter resources used up. This is the true 'information economy'.

Arrive to the TDS studio early sometime, and just look in and think about it. It's funny. It's so empty that there aren't even any shelves (well, except for the back rooms). Yet, in 'operation', it's full of life; a vibrant, thriving 'marketplace' of movement and social interaction.Yes, an empty storefront in a mall as an exemplar of the 'information economy'. There have been dance/studios for ages, but to have a studio in shopping mall ... that bastion of business enterprise, is a glaring display of a new socio-economic realm. For all the talk and effort devoted to 'technology', there is very little acknowledgement of 'technique' as a form of high-tech - which it surely is. For the the instructors of dance, here at TDS and elsewhere, your knowledge and skills are perhaps of greater value than you yourselves appreciate - thanks for all you do.

When our premier, a few weeks ago, urged people to go shopping (as George 'W' did after 9/11) for the sake of the economy, he really should've exhorted people to go dancing!

This is precisely the 'Creative Economy' that has gained popularity with the book, The Rise of The Creative Class, by Richard Florida - an American academic who has come to Toronto to Direct the Martin Prosperity Institute. His, and other recent academic research has documented the the socio-economic benefits of the so-called creative professionals, the 'soft' technologies, and their vital importance to thriving urban centres. Indeed, the 'Creative Class' are essential to a vital economy and the regeneration of urban centres.

Keep that in mind while in conventional retail stores ... maybe body-wave your way through the produce section ... groove a few moves while standing in line for the cashier while buying knick-knacks ... a few shoulder-shimmies while packing your groceries ...

Be proud that your dancing supports the real social economy.

And, 'Cheers' to TorontoDanceSalsa for bringing the Dance Economy into the open marketplace, right above the produce section.


P.S. Speaking of the produce section, while at the TDS studio, look down into the grocery store. Imagine the various produce as an artist's pallet of colours/shapes/textures ... and 'painted' into pictures. How cool would that be?

At Empress, the vertical height provides the appropriate scale to view such patterns, which couldn't be seen (or appreciated) in most stores. So, it should be taken advantage of, says I.

I mean, really, why should all the lemons be piled together and confined to a square?; similarly, the romaine lettuce, and everything else. Be daring, though sometimes it backfires. Uhh ... yeah. Anyway ... Throw caution to the wind, like abstract artists throwing paint at the wall ... toss a few lemons in with the purple cabbage, for some creativity.

Some curvi-linear forms would be nifty ... sinuous waves of textured colour the length of the tables. Yes, a continuous yellow ribbon of those lemons winding through all the produce, like a wave ... or, the graphical representation of a pulsing heartbeat. Or is that too easy? How about stylized dancing figures. Heh heh. Heck ... Stand the celery upright as trees amidst 'grass lawn' of parsley, and create a landscape painting. Where's the purple cabbage?: it'd make good rolling waves of water.

Consider it a sort of mathematical game ... a challenge: what least amount of moves (of produce, other items) to achieve the most obvious/aesthetic/artistic display?

I'm thinking ... guerrilla artistry ... a stealth artistic commando mission ... Operation: 'Art - ichoke'. We'll send out the vanguard to establish a forward command by the pickles, and reconnoitre the terrain ... prepare a landing for the expeditionary art-force ... and ... Uhhh, sorry 'bout the military analogy.

Or, maybe I'll just talk to the manager and suggest it as a marketing scheme.

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Joined: 10 Feb 2008
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Location: Toronto

PostPosted: Mon Dec 29, 2008 7:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wow! Laughing
Dave, you just continue to amaze me.
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Joined: 09 Oct 2006
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PostPosted: Tue Dec 30, 2008 5:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

David - this is such a great post. You think of the most amazing things! I loved reading it Smile
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