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Dance ... of the Seasons

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David Nock

Joined: 15 Jun 2008
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Location: Scarboro Bluffs

PostPosted: Sun Dec 21, 2008 1:37 pm    Post subject: Dance ... of the Seasons Reply with quote

As some of you have learned, I am prone to writing essay-length emails and letters ... hmmmm. Ahem.

Well, I just couldn't help myself ... here I go again ...


So here we are, with another change of seasons.

A new season ... a new moon ... and soon, a new (common) year.

The dance of the seasons.

While the coldest days are still to come, at least the days will be getting progressively longer: The grey and gloomy recent weeks are giving way to these brighter days.

Consider this salsa-analagy: After the 'quick, quick', we're coming upon the 'slow' in the dance of the seasons. As with the dance, where the slow is necessary to break the symmetry and provide a rhythm (?), winter is necessary.

Yeah I know, many people hate winter ... blah blah blah ... they miss out on such a fundamental part of life ... and a great season of slippin' and slidin'.

As with the bio/ecological benefits of winter: the cleansing of disease and insect infestation and preparation of seeds that comes with a deep freeze. Winter provides us with an opportunity to cleanse and prepare the mind and soul for the warm seasons to come ... winter is a time of regeneration, before the stages of growth and decay.

Yes, a psychological cleansing and preparation.

With roofs and roads alike after each fresh snowfall, the white covered landscape becomes an equalizer ... providing a visual uniformity; a blank 'canvass' of the mind ... to focus ones' thoughts. The soft, rounded edges ... the blending of forms ... the undulating shapes are easy on the eyes.

The whiteness reflecting the light ... makes this dark season more bright, in ways, than even summer ... the lay of the land, and the dark corners of summertime exposed in full view. [Notice, while driving, how the lay-of-the-land can be seen better in winter, and in greater detail ... an excellent opportunity to search for real estate, for those so inclined. Actually, just a light snow covering early in winter or late autumn is best.]

The visual contrast and relief, providing a dramatic effect as with a black&white photograph. Interestingly, it is the trees which lose their summertime uniformity of a crown of foliage and are laid bare, exposing their unique intricate form in negative relief on the white background. The bare trees as metaphors for our souls, perhaps - as the more difficult challenges of winter show our true character.

Winter: A season of contrasts: the social inner warmth of the Holidays juxtaposed against the harsh cold outside.

In some ways perhaps the riot of vibrant colours and textures of spring/summer/autumn are a psychological distraction, and winter provides the break we need to calm the mind and soothe the soul ... to think deeply, in vivid colour. The plain outward expanse provides a means for intellectual rigor and artistic expression. The muffled sounds of winter, insulated by the blanket of snow, provide an opportunity to truly 'hear' within ourselves - if we listen.

Enduring the harsh conditions of winter provide a more meaningful sense of worth to the ease and convenience of the warm seasons to come. The cleansing the psychological palate heightens the senses to truly appreciate the sweet aromas and rich colours throughout the year.

Through fresh snow, in winter, there is no hiding where we've been ... our footprints showing our path behind. And ahead, more thought is required for the safest, most effective route of least resistance. So, too, winter is a time to look back on the path we've walked through the previous year and plan our on-going journey through life.

Yes, winter is a time to reflect and review ... to look within and listen carefully ... ponder the possibilities beyond and prepare.

Will you?

And see the beauty all around!

Nature's dance ... the visual beauty of the dance of complexity ... you know it: the emergent patterns of blowing/drifting snow ... seen in the display of snow as it blows along the roads, or in the playful spatial patterns in the air as the snow streams off rooftops. In winter can be seen so many displays of the natural phenomena of complex and chaotic systems. It's all around throughout the year, but most obvious in winter. Observe! The interactions of large numbers of independent components ... in this case, snowflakes; providing visual lessons of all complex systems.

So, as in music, the pause ... the absence of sound is not a void, but a crucial aspect of the composition. Feel it. Sense it. Be inspired.

Let yourself be moved by the 'slow'.

Dance the seasons.

Hey ... I'm a Capricorn. And proud of it. Maybe that explains my ramblings ... I can't help myself sometimes.

Happy Holidays to all.


P.S. Okay, now, back to planning your winter vacation.

P.S.S. Would somebody 'duct-tape' my fingers to stop me from typing?!
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