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Do you need a good voice to sing salsa?

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 31, 2008 8:57 pm    Post subject: Do you need a good voice to sing salsa? Reply with quote

As I was watching American Idol with all of these singers with perfect voices, I felt bored. Yes, they are born with a physical gift, but it doesn't mean you know how to sing.

Whitney and Mariah Carey and do things with their voice than Bille Holiday could never do. Even when Billie Holiday was young, she could never reach the notes these singers do. Later in her career, because of drugs and alcohol, her voice became even coarser. For some people, it really was a terrible voice because it wasn't pleasant sounding. However, the emotional impact was greater. It just gets you when you hear her. Now, she is considered if not the greatest jazz singer of all time, then one of the greatest.

When I listen to Marc Anthony's songs, I marvel at his ability to reach the high and low notes. I like his songs, but for me there are more for listening than dancing. He started out singing Freestyle (for those of you old enough too remember, it is like Pop House music) for like 5 years. I still think he prefers to sing pop than salsa since by his old admission he still hasn't learned to sing with the clave in salsa songs. It is a high voice, good at expressing pain and heartache. Doesn't make me want to dance though.

Now, when you first listen to the La Caro Band and the 4 sisters who sing, you are at first tempted to laugh, because they are sound off key and have really strange sounding voices. They have a limited vocal range, but they know how to sing. They know how to accent the clave, improvise, get the crowd moving with a chorus, dance, perfectly synchronized with the other musicians in the band. The songs talk about their lives and real situations. Your feel their voices in your bones and moves you and the shrill of their voice reverberate in your ears long after your hear their songs.

Video links. El Caro Band: Vale La Pena

And on

On Friday, March 28, you can see a newer song La Caro group plays.
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 21, 2008 11:57 pm    Post subject: What is American Idol? Reply with quote

There once was a time when record companies made money by finding good musicians and promoting them to the world. I find American Idol to be more of a popularity contest than anything. To see more and more "American Idol" artists being promoted by record companies, it should be no surprise why they are doing so poorly. With sales plummeting the recording has been blaming file sharing and technology for their shrinking profits. The fact that iTunes is now the number one music retailer in the US (1) also entirely contradicts the anti-technology sentiment of this archaic business. The record industry is promoting mediocrity at best.

One thing that draws me to listen to salsa music, is the fact that it sounds and feels like music. There is passion in the singers voice, there are real instruments with an organic melody and harmony. Many pop songs and top 40 just feels like "canned" music. No soul. I can definitely hear what you mean in El Caro's version of Vale La Pena - there is more of the "soul."


Dance like no one's watching.
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