TDS has a NEW Salsa Instructor – Aleksander Saiyan!!!

We are so excited to announce that Aleksander will be joining the Toronto Dance Salsa instructor family! Aleks started dancing salsa with us six years ago, since then he has enjoyed being a helper, an instructor’s assistant and performing with the CALIENTE Performance Team!
Please join us in giving Aleks a warm welcome!
Aleks instructor

13 thoughts on “TDS has a NEW Salsa Instructor – Aleksander Saiyan!!!

  1. Thank you all for the support. I am extremely excited about teaching at TDS where my salsa life began. I look to all of you for your support as I begin my journey. A special thanks to Sharon Galor and Evan Carmichael for their time and dedication to train me. A special thanks to Ruzanna Yan for the support. Jessica Jenkins for creating opportunities for me in teaching.

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