Salsa Dips and Tricks starts this THURSDAY April 30th!

Want to kick your dancing up a notch by adding a few fancy dips and tricks? This exciting class will teach you how to use your core to execute and balance dips and tricks effortlessly on the dance floor. This course will also focus on turn pattern options for proper and safe execution of getting in and out of dips and tricks in a social setting. For dancers who have completed Level 3 or higher.

Please visit our website to register for this amazing class!


6 thoughts on “Salsa Dips and Tricks starts this THURSDAY April 30th!

  1. What an amazing class! A big thank you to Jessica Jenkins and Brett Hoornaert for making this happen (and all our wonderful helpers)! No doubt the second run will be even better. I only hope for a level 2 or a performance class to top it off this year :)

  2. If we only release one pic at a time maybe we can go for the picture of the week until the next round of students finish up?! And that’s just us being such a modest, quiet group and all :)

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