This is it folks! This week we finally determine the Best Bachata Song of all time!!! In last week’s battle, Prince Royce’s  “Corazon Sin Cara” mercilessly beat out Prince Royce’s “Rechazame”! In this week’s FINAL ROUND battle, Prince Royce’s “Corazon Sin Cara” is up against Juan Luis Guerra’s “Bachata En Fukuoka”! Leave a comment below to cast your vote for the WINNER of our Best Bachata Song of all Time Battle!!!

Fukuoka vs Corazon Sin Cara FINAL


25 thoughts on ““BEST BACHATA SONG OF ALL TIME – FINAL ROUND” Week 61 results and FINAL battle!

  1. wow more like the battle between urban and dominican. I’m gonna have to go oldschool on this and pick Fukuoka….right El Alex? don’t let me down papa hahaha

  2. I agree with Andrea Richmond also…But all week i’ve been listening to Royce….and I needed a break from him. I know Fukuoka isn’t the best dominican song out of all other traditional songs out there…but I still like that cha cha part in the middle of the song that still gets me going musically…

  3. woah woah Woah….Fukuoka is not traditional….its romantic bachata. Juan Luis Guerra just happens to be old, but his bachata is more vallenato based IMO.

    Royce gets my vote though.

  4. so the final round at last! wow! i’m surprised that “Bachata En Fukuoka” made it this far! no surprises on prince royce though! sadly, even i have to admit i’m a prince royce fan. :P funny thing…i actually would have picked “Corazon Sin Cara” as the all time best bachata song. so a no-brainer, royce gets my vote.

  5. I’m going to have to go with Corazon Sin Cara on this one, one of my fav modern bachatas… if this was against a Kiko Rodriguez/Ramon Torres/Joan Soriano traditional song I may have had a harder time deciding

  6. My vote is for lamento boliviano ( deep in your hearts, you know that I’m right ), and while I think JLG should win, this song isnt as as epic of rrrrrroyce!

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