Requests for Bachata Social – Nov 20, 2013

Bachata Meme 1

Alright Bachata Lovers! DJ Evan is now taking requests for Wednesday’s Bachata social so leave your Bachata, salsa, and kizomba song requests below and he’ll play them for you! Wed at 5095 Yonge Street, 2nd floor, validated free parking. $5 cover only from 10pm – midnight!

15 thoughts on “Requests for Bachata Social – Nov 20, 2013

  1. hey evan, i’m pretty sure u have all these songs already. i’ll be covering for ben as doorman tomorrow (nov 20). so could u pls play my requests near the end of night so i can dance to them. thx!

    1) BACHATA – Usher – Climax (Bachata Remix)
    2) BACHATA – The Weeknd – Wicked Games (Bachata Remix)
    3) SALSA – Jerry Rivera – Suave

  2. Requests from El Alex for after 10:30 if possible: Bachata:
    Luis Miguel del Amargue – Te echo de menos; Anthony Santos – Ay Ven; Salsa: Miles Peña – Un sueño prohihido

  3. My top pick for tonight is..”drum roll” brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (i think that what a drum roll would sound in words)

    Llorare (Version Bachata).- Erre Xl

    This song made it debut many months ago and many of you may recall that it blue roof away. So great was song, that even more of you may recall that statically speaking 11 of out 10 Bachateros & Bachateras approved of this song.

    What can i say? Men lie, Women lie. But numbers don’t!

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