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Upcoming Outings

Hi Everyone!

Here is an updated list of our summer outings:

Saturday, June 27th – OUTING TO PERIDOT LOUNGE- (81 Bloor Street East at Yonge) – OPEN TO EVERYONE! Beginner and intermediate lesson available from 10:00 to 10:30pm. Cover is $10 and includes lessons. 250ppl expected.

Saturday, July 11th – OUTING TO ACROBAT LOUNGE- (2464 Yonge St just North of Eglinton) – OPEN TO EVERYONE! Beginner and intermediate lesson available from 9:00 to 10:00pm. Cover is $10 and includes lessons. 250ppl expected.

Friday, July 24th at 9:30pm – OUTING TO PLAZA FLAMINGO – TENTATIVE – (423 College Street at Bathurst) – OPEN TO EVERYONE! Beginner and intermediate lesson available from 9:30 to 10:30pm. Cover is $10 and includes lessons. 250 people expected.

Saturday, August 8th – OUTING TO ACROBAT LOUNGE- (2464 Yonge St just North of Eglinton) – OPEN TO EVERYONE! Beginner and intermediate lesson available from 9:00 to 10:00pm. Cover is $10 and includes lessons. 250ppl expected.

Sunday, June 28th, July 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th anytime from 6:00 – 9:00pm SUNDAY SALSA SOCIAL AT EMPRESS WALK STUDIO! OPEN TO EVERYONE! These fun and comfortable practice sessions take place every Sunday. Come with or without a partner. Lots of helpers around to dance with and answer questions. Cover is $7 with water. Over 100 people expected every week.

Hope to see you all there!


Is everyone addicted this season to So You Think You Can Dance? I have been since the first season and this season is no exception.

I am always surprised at how quickly they fly through the Vegas Week which is such an interesting part of the competition. This season I believe they covered the entire week of eliminations in 3 hours. I would have loved to see more of each stage of the week and really get to know the dancers, their styles and the reason why they eliminated who they did. Most of the top 20 participants were not focused on at all so it was a surprise to see them in the top 20.

However, the first round of performances by the top 20 last week was great. Most of them are really strong dancers and I am sure we will get to know their styles as the weeks go by. I was happy to see Tony go. Apart from personality there wasn’t much to his dancing and I really think he took the spot of someone a lot more deserving.

I was so excited to see them bring back Wade and I loved the Crash Test Dummies Choreography just like I love all his choreographies. He is truly a genius at what he does and I was glad to see the judges recognize this. One of the last times he was on the judges dug into his routine, saying they couldn’t comment on the dancers because the routine was too out there. So it is great to see him get the recognition he deserves.

I am looking forward to tonight’s episode. If you haven’t seen it yet make sure you check it out and let me know who your favourite dancers and choreographers are this season!

Spring Helper Outing

Last Saturday I hosted my traditional “Thank You” evening to all the helpers from the Spring Semester. About 50 helpers attended this fun, unique event beginning with Fencing, then dinner and finally a salsa workshop.

We all met at Swordplayers Fencing Academy in Toronto for a Fencing lesson and tournament. The team learned foot work and attack and defense strategies before gearing up in full fencing gear including masks, chest plates and jackets. They used electronic swords that were able to keep track of their scores which made the one on one practice sessions more interesting. All in all, a very interesting sport!

We then regrouped at Empress walk for dinner and announcements. It was a great time to recognize all the helpers who had been with us for a year or longer with helper T-Shirts as well as announce the Spring Helper of the Semester. George Reichert is our recipient this semester for all his energy, enthusiasm and assistance all these years as a helper as well as for his contributions to the annual competition. Don`t forget to congratulate George if you see him around!

Finally Teddy Olaso and his amazing group of instructors and assistants arrived at Empress for a 1.5hr workshop specifically for the helpers. They learned some sexy turn patterns and styling and had a chance to practice the moves after.

Thanks to everyone for their participation and I look forward to next semester`s outing!

TDS Amateur Salsa Competition Update!

Thank you to the 500 plus attendees that came out to support our competitors on Sunday May 31st at Six Degrees Nightclub. We couldn’t have asked for a better audience to support our competitors and the 3 dance schools that also performed.

The evening began with a fun hour long lesson. Tracie and Mark taught the beginner lesson upstairs and Emely and Olivier taught the intermediate lesson on the main floor. After an hour of social dancing the competition began and the four finalists each took the stage to perform their choreographed routines. No limits on dips and allowances on lifts meant some very showy and entertaining tricks from all the competitors.

While we tabulated the judges’ scores, we were privy to three awesome performances by Latin Energy, the Semi Pro Team at iFreestyle and United Salseros. Thank you so much to each performer and the schools for a wonderful and inspiring display of salsa!

By the time the last school finished performing, the results were in and here they are below. Congratulations to all four couples – what a great effort!

1st Place – Mridu & Elton
2nd Place – Winnie & Manuel
3rd Place – Karen & John
Runners Up – Maysa & Dan

Special thank you to Evan, George, Sara, Tracie, Mark, Emely, Olivier, Adis, Nora and our great judges Teddy, Rene, Angus, Vanesa and Oscar.