Monthly Archives: April 2008

Don’t get stressed!

I have three types of students. The first group is eager for advice, always asks for help and likes the instructor watching them and giving them feedback. The second will ask for help occasionally when in real need and tend to not care if the instructor comes around. The last group is the type to really get nervous when the instructor comes around, usually will not ask for help and prefers to learn privately.

I am always aware when I stress students out. So I just wanted to send out a message to the students to tell them not to worry when the instructors, assistants and helpers come around to you. They aren’t judging you – they are only trying to help you become the best dancer you can be. As much as it feels like you are on display it is always beneficial to get feedback. So even though I know I am stressing group #3 out, I will still pass by you, watch and give you advice. I know it is uncomfortable for you but I feel like I am not doing my job or giving you the best experience possible if I didn’t do this.

So next time an instructor approaches you and you are feeling self-conscious, just imagine that instructor as a beginner dancer in class just like you struggling to get a cross body lead!

Friday at Plaza Flamingo

Wow so many people came out on Friday to Plaza Flamingo for our outing! There were over 300 people in attendance and it was great to see new students courageously stepping on the dance floor for the first time.

Emely taught the absolute beginners class with the assistance of Sandra. She had a packed room which is great to hear! Rob and Sonya taught a sexy level 1 routine that looked easy but was deceiving. From what I hear, everyone got the combo and the styling!

Evan and I taught the intermediate lesson and the combo was very tricky. The men were definitely challenged with the multiple turn segments in the combinations but overall it was a great class with lot of spirit.

I was so excited to use my new camera to take photos of the night. The quality of the shots are far superior to the other photos so check out the photos on flickr as they get posted this week.

We are finalizing details to the next outing – we will let you know when and where they will be taking place. In the meantime we have confirmed that the Monday night practice sessions are starting again on Monday April 14th at 9pm at Adelaide Club for another 9 weeks.

Keep dancing!