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The great debate…

I was reading a debate on called “Salsa in your blood??? Give me a break” that asks the question: are those of Latin background who have no formal dance background better then those who have learned salsa through classes and hard work?

It’s definitely a touchy topic for salsa dancers. I myself am not Latin and had absolutely no dancing skills when I started dancing. I learned how to salsa dance in the clubs with mostly Latin men. Looking back I should have definitely taken classes to begin with because I learned so many bad habits in the club and many of the dancers I often danced with were not half as good as I thought they were to begin with having no method of comparison.

Now with all that I know when I go salsa dancing those who have taken lessons and put structured work into their dancing are often smoother, more skillful dancers. It is still fun to dance with “unschooled” Latin dancers who have learned a few steps as children and just really let go and feel the music. But it definitely takes some structured learning to hone even the most naturally gifted dancer.

So no I do not think that those with “Dancing in their blood” are any better then those that have taken classes. I think what you put into your dancing shows on the dancefloor and with hard work (remember that it is fun work) anyone of any background, age, size and skill level, can because a great dancer.

CBC fun for us!

Well we posted that we were being aired today at 2pm on the Steven and Chris Show but it turned out it was aired yesterday instead. The good news is that they put the clip on their website and it turned out very well!! Click here to see the clip.

Below was our CBC adventure!

On Tuesday Evan, Sara, Emely and I met at 7:45am inside the CBC building downtown to film our segment of the show “Steven and Chris”, a new and very popular daytime talk show with the host of HGTV’s Design Rivals.

We were shown to the Green Room to relax while they prepared for our walk through. What was fun to note is that this is the same Green Room that all the top celebrities hang out at when visiting George Stroumboulopoulos on The Hour so we were very happy to hang out in that room!

Everyone who works on the show was super friendly, caring and professional and we were able to run through our segment several times to get a feel for the floor, space and meet Steven and Chris.

Then it was off to makeup which the girls really enjoyed. With hundreds of lipsticks and eye shades, we were in girl heaven. At 11am we sat down to enjoy the filming of the first two segments in preparation for our own segment. And finally it was our turn.

Evan and I started the segment by doing a 30 second freestyle dance. Then Steven and Chris joined us on stage to talk a little bit about the benefits of salsa and why it is so hot. Chris was quite nervous about learning how to dance but he was a good sport and very soon Emely had partnered with Chris and Sara partnered with Steven and we were showing the guys the basic salsa step, the right turn, and a cross body lead.

Steven was really getting the hang of it but Chris was struggling a bit and even tried to run off the stage with Emely (all in fun of course!). It was definitely a light hearted and fun segment and the guys were great sports.

Check out the link above and feel free to put list a comment with CBC about what you thought!

An interesting article…

I read an interesting article today titled Big Ballerinas on the BBC Radio Website. The article discusses a new dance company in Cuba called Danza Voluminosa” (defined as Voluminous Dance Group), a dance troupe made up of overweight dancers between the range of 100 to 130 kilos.

The group started when Juan Miguel Mas decided he was frustrated with the lack of opportunity overweight people experience when learning how to dance. What was so great to hear was that Danza Voluminosa has “become a cultural phenomenon in Cuba, performing to sell-out crowds at some of Havana’s top venues”.

I loved reading this article because dance is so universal and should be an enhancement to the lives of everyone regardless of race, size, gender, age, etc. I wish, however, that everyone would have the same opportunities when it comes to education. It would be great to see students of all types attend any class they choose, instead of feeling like they have to form separate groups to be comfortable and progress. That is why I love salsa! I have students from 14-80 years old attending the classes from all cultures, races, sizes,types. When I go to a salsa club in Toronto I am amazed at the variety of dancers and that is why I love living in Toronto!

Reminder of Practice Session!

We are excited to bring back our popular Toronto Dance Salsa weekly practice session. We tested the idea out this past summer with a Tuesday practice which went very well and then this fall on Mondays also with great popularity. We had approximately 30-50 people attend the sessions each week and we expect this semester will be just as popular.

The session came about due to the students’ requests for a private place to casually practice moves, ask questions and learn comfortably. So we have scheduled Kimberly Robinson, one of our instructors and 6 helpers and they are available to answer questions, catch up on a move and dance with attendees.

Here are the details of our winter semester salsa practice session:

When: Mondays from February 4th – 9 weeks
Time: 9:00 – 10:00 pm
Location: Original Studio at the Adelaide Club – Bay & Adelaide on the concourse level of the First Canadian Place
Cost: $4 per session, or all 9 sessions for $25

You do not need to sign up in advance – it is a drop in structure.


Steven and Chris Show!

We are on a media TV roll! Last week we were featured in three Shopping Channel segments which went very well and was a ton of fun. Thanks to Sara, Kimberly, Velina, Rob, Mark and Emmett.

Yesterday an article in Reader’s Digest featured Toronto Dance Salsa in an article just in time for Valentine’s Day called “Put Your Love in Motion”. It is a fun article about doing romantic active activities with your sweetie.

AND we were just called by CBC! They have a great new show called Steven and Chris with the awesome designer guys from HGTV’s Design Rivals.

It looks like we are going to teach Steven and Chris how to salsa dance on Tuesday and the show will be aired on Friday, February 8th at 2pm on CBC. That’s next week so hopefully you can catch Evan, Sara, Emely and myself dancing some salsa on CBC!