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Salsa Nightclub Level 1 (4wks)
Level 1 - Sunday - 1:00PM - 3:00PM - starting 19 March 2017 - 90% Full! 2hrs x 4wks

Salsa Nightclub Level 1
Level 1 - Monday - 9:00PM - 10:00PM - starting 20 March 2017 - 80% Full! 1hr x 9wks


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What is a salsa congress?

A salsa congress is an assembly of salsa instructors, performers, dancers and students who get together with the purpose of celebrating salsa. You can find a salsa congress or event in most major cities around the world. Most congresses span a period of 3 days with additional pre and post parties.

During the day there are a series of workshops featuring well known international salsa instructors with workshop topics such as turn patterns, musicality, dips, tricks, lifts, spins, Afro-Cuban body movement, men's and ladies' styling, choreography and many more. In the evenings dance troupes from around the world will perform choreographed routines.

After the performances, social dancing will begin and usually continues into the early hours of the morning. Some of the most memorable salsa dancing moments in a congress can be seen late at night on the dance floor when the international performers and instructors social is quite an experience to view!

A salsa congress is a very intense, physically demanding weekend. During your first or even your first few congresses you may feel overwhelmed by the skill level you may witness and the amount of classes you will take in such a short amount of time. A good idea is to bring a video camera and record yourself and what you have learned after every workshop. Some instructors will even let you record them at the end of the class so you can have a record of the final product.

Congresses are a great way to improve you dancing skills, meet new friends and contacts, enjoy a weekend of exercise and experience a new city . For a list of upcoming salsa congresses and events please check out our Calendar of Events.

Calendar of Events - 2007

Canada Salsa Congress - October 4-8, 2007

salsa dancing

Miami Salsa Congress - August 1-5, 2007
305-220-7115 or 1-866-69-SALSA toll free
****$150 SPECIAL RATE FOR TORONTO DANCE SALSA Students for a full weekend pass (regular price $225 - email Rene Gueits at***

salsa dancing

January 19 - 21 2007
January 26 - 28 2007
February 1 - 4 2007
February 5 - 11 2007
February 15-18 2007
February 27 - 5 2007
March 16 - 18 2007
March 22 - 25 2007
March 23-25 2007
March 30 - April 1 2007
April 5-8 2007
April 13 - 15 2007
April 19 -22 2007
May 3 - 7 2007
May 4 - 6 2007
May 24 - 27 2007
June 14 - 17 2007
June 22 - 25 2007
June 29 - July 1 2007
June 28 - July 1 2007
July 22 - 28 2007
August 1 - 5 2007
August 30 - 2, 2007
September 15 - 17 2007
October 19 - 22 2007
October 26 - 28 2007
November 8 - 11 2007
November 8 -11 2007

4th Congress in Innsbruck
Sydney Salsa Congress
Hawaii Salsa Festival
Hong Kong Salsa Festival
Chicago Salsa Congress
NY Salsa Festival
Texas Salsa Congress
World Salsa Festival
Bermuda Salsa Congress
Boston Salsa Congress
3rd Annual Salsa India Festival
Bacardi Salsa Festival
Montreal Salsa Festival
Int. Hustle & Salsa Comp.
Taiwan Salsa Festival
West Coast Salsa Congress
Norwegian Salsa Congress
Philadelphia Salsa Congress
Malaysia Salsa Congress
Orlando Salsa Congress
Puerto Rican Salsa Congress
Miami Salsa Congress
New York Salsa Congress
Berlin Salsa Congress
Atlanta Salsa Congress
Haarlem Salsa Dance Festival
WSF World Salsa Championships
Dallas Salsa Congress

Innsbruck, Austria
Sydney, Australia
Hong Kong, China
Chicago, Illinois
New York City, NY
Houston, Texas
Rome, Italy
Boston, Mass
Mumbai, India
Czech Republic
Montreal, Canada
Miami, Florida
L.A., Ca.
Oslo, Norway
Philadelphia, Pa.
Orlando, Fl.
San Juan, P.R.
Miami Beach, Fl.
New York, NY
Berlin, Germany
Atlanta, Ga.
Miami, Fl.
Dallas, Texas

Calendar of Events - 2006

July 6-9 th Orlando Salsa Congress Orlando , USA
July 6-9 th Carnaval de Salsa Wroclaw , Poland
July 6-9 th Cannes Salsa Festival Cannes , Flance
July 21-23 rd Hamburg International Salsa Festival Hamburg , Germany
July 21-24 th Mambo City 's Salsa Splash Hayling Island, England
July 23-29 th Puerto Rico Salsa Congress San Juan , Puerto Rico
July 27-30 th Korea Salsa Congress Seoul , Korea
July 28-30 th Finland Tampere Salsa Congress Finland
Jul 31-Aug 6 th Curacao Salsa Tour Curacao
Aug 3-6 th Miami Salsa Congress Miami , USA
Aug 5-11 th Bermuda Salsa Fest at Sea New Jersey , USA
August 11-13 th Third Front Salsa Festival Rostov on Don , Russia
Aug 30-Sept 3 Stockholm Salsa Congress Stockholm , Sweden
Aug 31-Sept 3 New York Salsa Congress New York , US
Sept 1-3 rd Riga Salsa Festival Riga , Latvia
Sept 15-17 th Berlin Salsa Congress Berlin , Germany
Sept 16-18 th Boston Salsa Congress Boston , US
Sept 22-24 th UK International Salsa Congress West Sussex, England
Sept 28-Oct 1 Houston Salsa Congress Texas , US
Sept 29-Oct 1 Cubamemucho Cuban Congress Stockholm , Sweden
Oct 5-9 th Canada Salsa Congress Toronto , Canada
Oct 5-8 th Vancouver Salsa Congress Vancouver , Canada
Oct 12-15 th Salsa Rueda Congress of the Americas Miami , US
Oct 27-29 th Haarlem Salsa Festival Haarlem , Netherlands
Oct 27-29 th Salsa Latin Festival in Dresden Dresden , Germany
Oct 27-29 th Cubamemucho Cuban Congress London , England
Oct 27-29 th Lion's Salsa Congress Geneva, Switzerland
Oct 28-29 th Japan Salsa Congress Tokyo , Japan
Nov 3-5 th Munich Salsa Congress Munich , Germany
Nov 2-5 th Galway Salsa Congress Galway , Ireland
Nov 7-13 th Africa Salsa Congress Abuja , Nigeria
Nov 9-12 th Salsa Rueda Congress Miami , US
Nov 9-12 th Dallas Salsa Congress Texas , US
Nov 10-12 Fiesta Salsacional Benelux Congress Brussels , Belgium
Nov 10-12 Vienna Salsa Festival Vienna , Austria
Nov 21-28 New York/New Jersey Salsa Fest New York , US
Nov 26-Dec 1 st Meeting of Dancers in Cuba Havan , Cuba
Nov 29-Dec 3 rd Acapulco/Mexico World Salsa Congress Acapulco , Mexico
Dec 14-17 th World Salsa Championships Las Vegas , US