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How do I register for a class?
Our lessons sell out very quickly so please check the website regularly for an updated status prior to registering. If you are interested in a class that is full, please add yourself to the waiting list as in case of cancellations.

  1. Click on the “Register” link on the home page
  2. If you do not have a Toronto Dance Salsa profile, click on “Register Here”
  3. Complete the information in full to create a profile. Remember that your email address must be unique so please do not enter the same address twice in a profile or the profile will not be completed
  4. Once your profile is created you will receive an email with your User Name and Password. Keep this email for future use.
  5. Go back to the “Register” page and type in your User Name and Password. Choose an open class, a price amount, a payment method and date of payment and read the agreements. Once all the information is in and you register for the class you will receive an email confirming your pre-registration. Remember that your registration is not guaranteed until you pay for the class in full so please do not delay in getting your payment in or you may lose your space.
  6. Once we have received your payment in full you will receive a confirmation email with the details of the class

What payment methods are accepted?

  1. Paypal/Visa / Mastercard - available online by logging into your profile (we do not recommend using American Express or Discovery cards as they charge in US currency and the exchange will change the total)
  2. Cheques can be dropped off at our Empress Walk studio during hours of operation.
  3. Cash dropped off for current students at their prospective classes
  4. Interact Email Transfers – a very simple way of paying via your online bank account by email.

Can I pay on the start date of the class?
Unfortunately this is not an option. Our classes sell out sometimes 3 to 4 weeks before the start date. Also, we need to ensure our numbers of men and women are even. To secure a spot we recommend paying one month before the start date. This will avoid disappointment and will ensure we have time to even out the numbers in the class.

Can I pay as I go?
We do not offer drop in classes because we want to maintain the quality of our classes and ensure every class builds on the next so that our students are advancing. For this reason, we only offer packaged lessons. Private lessons may be an option for those who have fluctuating schedules.

What are the costs of the classes?
Our lessons are 60 minutes in length over 9 weeks (unless otherwise specified). The cost is $117( plus HST) for the 9 sessions ($13/h). If you have taken the same level previously and would like to repeat it, the repeat rate is $90 (plus HST) ($10/h). Classes that are less than 7 hours of instruction or less are usually pro-rated.

Do I need a partner to join the salsa lessons? What is the male/female ratio?
Partners are always welcome but it is not necessary to have a partner. Our classes have couples who do not rotate on one side of the room and individuals without a partner on the other side of the room. Individuals will rotate every few minutes – a great way to meet new people and learn to dance with a variety of leads and follows. We also take the time to ensure our numbers are even in class so that you get the most out of your lesson and we have between 5-8 assistants and volunteers who attend every class and can fill in for absent students if necessary.

Can I watch a class prior to signing up?
Absolutely! Just email us in advance to book an appointment as the clubs we teach at are private and require notice.

What if I have to miss a class due to work, vacation or illness?

When you know you are going to miss a class, visit our Make-up Class Request form and fill in all the fields. If no suitable results are found please email Diana, our TDS Coordinator at info@torontodancesalsa.ca as far in advance as possible and we will do our best to arrange a substitute class for you. You may have to travel to a different location but these substitutions are free of charge. Please limit substitutions to 2 hours per semester. Substitutions are never guaranteed. They are an added benefit to the students and we will do our best to help you catch up.

What is the student age range?
Most of our students are between the ages of 20 to 50; but, we welcome all adult dancers of all ages! Please note that no matter your age, you should be in good physical health when considering our classes. As with all physical activity, if there is any question regarding your physical ability to take the class, please consult your physician first. This is especially important for our fitness and Hip Hop classes.

But I have two-left feet…what if I can’t keep up?
Most of our students find our class pace just right. However, everyone learns at a different pace. If you find the class difficult, there are plenty of instructors and volunteers to assist you during the class. Outings and socials are a great way to practice moves but we also recommend practicing at home after your class. Private lessons are another options to assist you in understanding and executing the movements covered in the class as well as improving your skills (please see our Private Lessons section for further details). Finally, students are encouraged to repeat a class at a discounted rate to ensure that you have grasped all the moves and concepts.

Do you offer gift certificates?
Yes we do! Gift certificates can be purchased for our group classes. Let us know your requirements and, once you have paid in full, we will email you a personalized gift certificate that you can immediately print and present. See Gift Certificates for more details!

What is your cancellation policy?
All requests for refunds or credits must be received in writing through email at info@torontodancesalsa.ca.

Full refund minus a $15 administrative fee for cancellations at least three week prior to the start date of the class. Cancellations between three weeks before the class start date and the day after your first class receive a 50% credit towards the next semester. No credits or refunds after the day following the first day of class.

Please note our refund policy is strict due to the amount of work it takes to ensure our numbers of men and women are even in the class and also because our classes sell out in advance with wait lists and therefore we want to ensure any student who registers for the class is committed to completing the course.

What extra-curricular activities are offered to the students?
Toronto Dance Salsa Outings are the biggest and most popular outings in Canada. We take our students out every two weeks to dance at a salsa venue around the Greater Toronto Area. Every outing attracts anywhere from 150 to 350 students and friends which always makes for an amazing experience. There is usually a complimentary lesson included by Toronto Dance Salsa which will teach you new turn patterns that are not covered in the class syllabus. Please see our Events page for details. We also hold weekly dance practices - Salsa Socials every Sunday from 6-9pm and a Bachata Socials every Wednesday from 10pm-mignight at our Empress Walk Studio. All of our events and outings are open to the public.

What are private lessons?
Private lessons are personal classes specifically catered to the student(s). Private classes are usually one instructor per student or per couple. Two students can share the cost of a private lesson which allows for individual attention at an affordable cost.

Some students take private lessons if they would like to skip a level. One 9 week level equals approximately 3 private lessons. Other students take private lessons to hone the skills gained in the classroom or to supplement the lesson syllabus. Others prefer private lessons as an alternative to group classes especially If the want to learn at a faster pace or learn in a private environment.

We also offer semi-private lessons for small groups interested in learning privately. Please see our Privates & Workshops section for further details.

Can you teach at my special event/corporate function?
Of course! We love special events and can cater a workshop specifically for your event. Please see our Privates & Workshops section for further details.

What is the class attire? Do I need special dance shoes?
Most students come to class dressed casually e.g. jeans, t-shirts. Some of our students attend classes after work and are dressed in business attire. Feel free to dress in a comfortable manner with light clothing as you do get a workout from our classes. As for shoes, you do not need to purchase special dance shoes for your first set of lessons. You do need to wear shoes that have slippery soles such as leather or plastic (rubber soles will stick to the hardwood floors and can be difficult to spin). Once you enroll in level 2, it is recommended you look at purchasing a pair of dance shoes.

What are the difference shoe types?
For male and females, there are 3 major shoe types:

Salsa Dance Sneakers

Dance Sneakers
The most comfortable dance shoe. Great to wear during your lessons and practice time. Can be worn at salsa clubs on casual nights (e.g. Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays). Plastic split soles are good for spinning and the added cushioning is very comfortable. Our recommendation is the brand new “Bloch Speed Factor”.

Jazz Slippers

Jazz Slippers
Jazz slippers are used by men and women in salsa clubs. They are very comfortable and made of supple leather that fits like a slipper. Some slippers have a suede sole which is more suitable for multiple turns. Others have a plastic sole which is easier to maintain but not as easy to spin.

Ballroom shoes

Ballroom shoes
Ballroom shoes are the most formal salsa footwear. They are most often made with suede soles which need to be brushed after every usage to maintain their quality. They are made with special arch support and cushioning. Women’s ballroom shoes are very popular in the salsa clubs and most women choose a 2-3” heel but beware that 3” heels can become uncomfortable within a short amount of time. Men’s ballroom shoes are a good option for more formal occasions but more men choose to wear the jazz slippers in the clubs for a comfortable and casual look. There are men’s ballroom shoes that have a high “Cuban” heel. These shoes are geared towards more formal ballroom venues and are general not very popular in the salsa scene. For men’s shoes, try to keep your heel as low as possible.

Where can I buy shoes?
There are several stores in the Greater Toronto Area that have a small selection of dance shoes. You can also purchase dance shoes online. If you are comfortable shopping this way, there is a much larger selection online. Prices are much cheaper than in Canada but beware of expensive shipping charges. We do recommend that you try on different types of shoes before purchasing online so that you are aware of what you are purchasing. Here is a list of stores online and in Toronto. Mention to them that you are referred from Toronto Dance Salsa.

In the GTA:



• Natural Spin Dance Wear and Shoes

Address: Unit 15, 20 Wertheim Court, Richmond Hill, ON Canada, L4B 3A8 (Around Hwy #7 & Leslie)


Business Hours: (7 days a week)

Monday - Friday: 12 PM - 6 PM

Saturday & Sunday: 11 AM - 5 PM


Tel/Text: 416-721-5226 (feedback within 30 minutes with message)/ 1-907-888-9808


Email: Sales@NaturalSpin.com

Website: www.NaturalSpin.com

Facebook: Natural Spin Dance Richmond Hill Store

Lots of stock as well as custom order shoes in a variety of sizes, widths, heels and colours and materials. Mention you are a Toronto Dance Salsa student and receive 20% off your purchase on all shoes.
click here for a map


• Addicted 2 Dance Shoes - 45 Brisbane Road, Unit #7,Toronto, ON, M3J 2K1
Tel: 416-663-6293 or cell: 416-508-8940, e-mail: biostyleinc@rogers.com - Mention you are a Toronto Dance Salsa student and receive 15% off your purchase on most shoes,
click here for a map

• Dance Plus (near Islington and Queenway) - shoes $120-$160, 22A Dorchester Ave, 416-251-5998,
click here for a map

• The Dancewear Centre (near Wilson and Dufferin), 530 Wilson Ave, 416-630-2292, mention you are from Toronto Dance and get 10% off,
click here for a map

• Malabar (near Queen and University), 14 McCaul St, 416-598-2581,
click here for a map

• Helen's Dancing Shoes, Helen Choi, 2619 Warden Avenue, Unit 5, (416) 835-6903, call for an appointment and directions,click here for a map

• Century Wide Shoes - 8 Glen Watford Dr. Unit#13, Scarborough (416) 293-3303, cell: (416) 822-8684. Dance shoes are from $60 and up, $5 off shoe purchases plus free shoe bag for Toronto Dance Salsa students. Like on Facebook and get 10% off!. click here for website and directions

• Discount Dance Supplies at www.discountdance.com

• All About Dance at www.allaboutdance.com