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    Just a couple of thoughts…

    I was heading back to work the other night and came across a sight that I had never seen but of which I had been involved in many times. In the lobby of the building there was a couple dancing salsa. Whether it was for a performance, competition, or just for the fun of it, I don’t know but it brought a smile to my face. Over the past couple of years, I have done the exact same thing in the exact same spot. In may case it was for competitions or a performance. This stirred a warm and comforting feel inside of me. I’ve enjoyed competitions and performances in my time dancing salsa and usually once it was done I would have many good memories, feel the absence for a while and then move on with the other things going on in my life. After a long enough time, the longing fades away. However, as I watched this couple, doing what I did so many times before, refreshed the memories. For the first time in a while, the desire to have practices leading towards something flooded back into me. Part of me just felt like rushing up there and joining in…but I digress.

    I must apologize for the lack of entries recently. I do mean to get back to it and will hopefully deliver a new entry soon. But speaking of entries, you may have noticed that I like using songs to tell a story. This concept is hardly new but effective nonetheless. Another thing, related to the performance aspect, is the curiosity of seeing how all of you express music through your dancing. A natural idea progressed from this: TDS has many talented individuals, would it be possible to make a show using those talents? Take a basic story and let the members of TDS put songs and choreography to it. Not necessarily a play, but more like a show where the songs follow the theme of the story and members interpret it as they are inspired. Anyways, just an idea I thought I’d throw out there. Any thoughts? Let me know…this could become something.

    Hasta la proxima,

    Sigan bailando!



    Without realizing it, every day we end or begin a new adventure. They may not always be exciting or glamorous but they take us to different places nonetheless. It is no surprise then that sometimes multiple journeys can begin and end in the exact same place. It was the night of July 4th, 2008. After a 6 week trek my partner, Camela Adams, and I found ourselves on the stage at 6 Degrees nightclub awaiting our fate in the second TDS amateur salsa competition. Move forward 11 months and once again, my partner, Winnie Fung, and I found ourselves in the exact same situation. The destination and result turned out the same in both cases but the journeys were distinctly different and special in their own ways.

    I remember hearing our names announced as the 2nd place couple at last year’s competition. I remember giving Camela a big hug of congratulations. I remember the elation of working so hard and being rewarded for that effort. I was proud of our accomplishment and satisfied in the outcome. Nothing wrong with second; to me it felt as if we had won. “Are you competing again next year?” I’d hear. My answer was always “no.”If I never competed again, I knew I was pleased with the outcome. In all honesty, I had no plans of entering the competition again. I figured my time had passed and it was now up to others to compete and surpass what had come before (which has been a trend of this competition). Than, one day, I was asked by a friend if I’d have any interest in competing with her. I was caught off guard and yet the question awoke something within me. As you’ve guessed by now, that friend was my partner for this year’s competiton, Winnie.

    I met Winnie while helping in some classes last summer, right around the time of my previous foray into the competition. Her skills on the dance floor were obvious from the beginning. In addition to that, she was (and is) a genuine, friendly and intelligent person. We got along right off the bat. A few months later we had the good fortune of being in the helper’s performace group together. Through this I came to know her better and as a result had no qualms about accepting her proposal to enter this year’s competition. I am glad that I did.

    Camela and Winnie are both extremely skilled dancers and I am honoured to have had the chance to compete with both of them. I always find it interesting how different personalities work together. When looking back at the creative process I was amazed at how quickly the anticipation of what we would come up with returned. Ideas went back and forth, choreography changed, and on occasions, frustrations arose (mostly from me though I’m sure I wasn’t exactly easy to work with-sorry Winnie) but we worked together to create something we were both proud of. Winnie’s attention to detail was the perfect complement to my laid back nature. In the end the balance we obtained made the process enjoyable and allowed us both to put our prints on the routine.

    Competition night is always an interesting blend of anticipation, nerves and, above all, excitement. This year was no different. Once on stage, the entire routine was a flash. All I could recall was the music starting and then hitting the end pose. As we finished something happened that I didn’t totally expect and yet was likely the most memorable moment of the night. Having finished the routine and performed it as well as we did, Winnie gave me a big hug. In an absent minded moment I told Winnie that we now had to bow and acknowledge the audience. It was only upon reflection that I realized how much the moment had meant. Regardless of where we ended, the imporant thing was that we had both shared a special performance. I also realized how much it meant to Winnie to have gone through with it. I suppose on some level I had become caught up in the competition and lost sight of the importance of just having fun. With that one action, Winnie had reminded me of the joy of just performing without care for where things would end. It also reminded me of how important it was for her and in the end I was honoured to have been able to share that with her. My biggest fear going in was that I would let her down, luckily she let me know that what was important was to have fun. Of course, I always have fun dancing salsa but the excitement in Winnie gave me the reassurance that no matter what happened, we had done what we had set out to do. Thank you, Winnie, I will treasure our partnership and friendship forever.

    As we stood on the same stage, receiving the same placement as I had received the year before I knew two journeys had ended on that spot. However, just because a journey ends does not mean that the people we meet on that path leave us. Camela and I remain friends and I look forward to doing the same with Winnie. Thanks to you both, the experiences we’ve shared transcend salsa.

    As a closing note, congratulations to all the participants…you all rocked it!

    Hasta la proxima.

    Sigan bailando!


    Act 1, Scene 4, Song 9

    It was the weekend, which meant it was a time to get away from the hustle and bustle of work and just spend some quality time together. This weekend, Sandra and George had decided to keep it simple. A picnic at the park next to the pond, what could me more relaxing? The conversation with Emilio a few days prior had initially shaken Sandra. The feeling of ‘what if’ had thrown her off, but the truth was that down inside, she knew this was the right thing; her and George. It was always interesting to her that while Emilio had been her first real love and may have taught her so much, it was George who had overwhelmingly captured her heart. It surprised her when it first happened, but she knew now that sometimes these things just happen. No need to question it, just enjoy it for the amazing truth that it is. For his part, George was deeply in love with Sandra. He had met her at a friend’s barbecue. It just so happened that this friend and Sandra were co-workers. Well, needless to say that the attraction was immediate and he knew that, succeed or fail, he had to try and get to know her. He had been persistent but luckily not to the point of being annoying. Surely enough, he soon convinced Sandra to go on a date and now they were going to be married. The thought always put a smile on his face.

    On one side you, asking me for a night of love
    On the other side there’s me, fleeing round the usual corner

    And you, flooding my dreams, you
    Peeking round my corner, you
    Disturbing the calmness, you
    Appearing in my life, you

    While I’m out shopping I remember him
    Words of days gone by
    A wrong turn….

    To give you my life I’d return
    From the fires of that love I used to dream of
    To give you my life I’d return
    Flying on a star and be reborn in you
    To give you my life I’d return

    On one side you, erasing my doubts with your eyes
    On the other side there’s me, taking that love offered to me

    And you, holding my hand, you
    Burned into my mind, me
    Looking for a shortcut
    Lost in other times

    To give you my life I’d return
    From the fires of that love I used to dream of
    To give you my life I’d return
    Flying on a star and be reborn in you
    To give you my life I’d return

    The dizzying effect of love was in control of them. The future was bright and together, they would face anything head on. Of course, Sandra had felt that way before and it had not ended in the best of ways. Could it, would it happen again? She knew she couldn’t live in fear of that, because that would just make things at a disadvantage to begin with. The thought came and went but it had its effect. For the first time there was some doubt in her mind, one that she was going to have to eventually confront.

    Sigan bailando!


    DLG concert in Toronto-April 18

    Hi eveyone,

    Just want to pass on the news that the new Dark Latin Groove (DLG) will be putting on a show in town on Saturday, April 18th. Time is 10pm at Fusion nightclub and tickets are $40, see this link for more info. Not only will you get a chance to hear some good salsa but there will also be a bachata group performing so it should make for a very entertaining show. Anyways, just thought I’d spread the word, I’ll be back with a new posting soon.

    Sigan bailando!


    Act 1, Scene 3, Song 8

    The phone rang somewhere in her living room. One thing about organizing a wedding was that it completely disorganized her living space. Cloth samples, invitation options, seating arrangements and other such things lay strewn about the room on just about every surface you could imagine. After a quick second of recovering her senses, Sandra pushed aside some papers and picked up her phone.

    “Hey Sandra, how are you?”

    The realization of who was speaking startled her just slightly.

    “Just thought I’d call to say hi, answer that call you made a few days back.”
    “Right, hey Emilio, sorry, you just caught me in mid-thought. How are you doing?”
    “You know, same old same old, nothing much changes on a day-to-day basis. Work, friends, family. How ’bout you?”
    “Well, I guess on a daily thing I could say the same. When’s the last time we talked?”
    “I gave you a call for your birthday back in May, so, 7 months.”

    The truth here was that both of them were dancing around certain topics, namely that their respective love lives had picked up. Out of respect for their past and any lingering feelings neither seemed to want to say it. However, there was an underlying reason as well, and that reason was that as long as one felt that the other was ‘available’ they kept a certain chain on each other. Each knew that the other was in a relationship but it was something that they never dwelled on. Sandra realized that these tendencies were childish and detrimental to her impending marriage and so she decided to break the cycle.

    “Emilio, listen, I have to tell you something.”
    “I kind of figured you did. The message you left sounded important. Alright what is it?”
    “Its about George and I.”

    A strange feeling arose inside of Emilio. His initial reaction upon receiving her message made its way back through the emotions. However, this time it was joined by a sense of dread at hearing news of Sandra and George.

    “Is something wrong?”
    “No, no, everything is great, part of the reason I want to talk to you.”

    The pulsing dread overpowered all else.

    “You see, I wanted to tell you this before you heard it from anyone else. Emilio…George and I are getting married this summer.”

    The dread was now overcome by something else. A feeling of loss set in, accompanied by a welcomed sense of calm. Emilio always figured he’d hear this news before he could share something similar. He always wondered how he would react, now he was experiencing it first hand.

    “Emilio, you there?”
    “…Yeah, yeah…That’s great news. I’m so happy for you. The two of you must be so excited.”
    “We are, thanks.”

    The conversation continued with back and forth banter. The news had left both numb. Sandra had finally gotten it off her chest and Emilio had faced the possibility he always knew would come. Eventually the conversation came to its end and both politely said farewell, hung up the phone and went off with their thoughts. Through time both of them found that a conversation between the two always left them exhausted. Holding back so much, carefully watching what they said so as not to bring up the past or stir any memories, it all took its toll.

    The feeling that resulted was not new to Emilio. One thing he had come to realize was that no matter what, at some level he would always love Sandra. That didn’t mean that they had to be together or even that they should be, just that he would always do so. He had become comfortable with that sentiment and had reconciled it in his mind. It didn’t change how he felt about Stella, he loved her as well, but he knew that when you loved someone the way he had loved Sandra, that didn’t just go away.

    Sandra, on the other hand, had never understood how Emilio could feel that way. Granted, she had loved him but she didn’t see how they could not be apart if love was still there. This lack of understanding made this current feeling of remorse difficult to deal with. Deep down, the verbalization of the news filled her with some sense of loss, which produced in her an uncomfortable guilt. She wondered, “could Emilio have been right all this time?”

    Today I once again feel you eyes over my past
    Its like a sudden yet eternal cloud
    You’re like an inferno where a cool breeze blows
    And that temptation that tells me that I still love you

    I’ve never been able to control my feelings
    And now I’m the liquor that escaped from the bottle
    I silently hid one of my songs again
    So that I could tell you…

    That my life would fade if you tell me you have another love and won’t come back

    I still have your name imprinted on my skin

    Then, if you can, come back to me

    And I’d love to hold you again and reach up to heaven with that passion

    I thought you’d forgotten the past

    I thought so too, but now you see

    I love you as much as yesterday, if not more

    I also love you as much as yesterday

    Apparently things were not as clear cut as both had hoped. Neither questioned their love for Stella or George but both had clearly left certain emotions neglected. This was not just about them, there were two other people to consider and certain issues had to be resolved for the sake of all involved.

    Hasta la proxima.

    Sigan bailando!


    Act 1, Scene 3, Songs 6 and 7

    Its an odd coincidence that life throws some times. At the moment that Sandra was thinking of the phone call, Emilio was thinking of her as well. Through the years he had been able to control his emotions towards their past. He understood what they had been and why things unfolded as they did. His experiences with Sandra had actually made him a better person, a person that understood relationships better. He was grateful to have been with Sandra, to have learned from the relationship and, in a strange way, he was grateful that those experiences were making his current relationship with Stella so amazing. But now, in a moment that filled him with a sense of guilt, he found himself reflecting on the confusion and despair he felt after the breakup. At that time all he wanted was an answer as to why and a chance to make things the way they used to be.

    I can’t be strong, I just can’t because you’re not here.
    I fake smiles, and even the wind hurts against my skin.
    The jokes I learned with you no longer make me laugh.
    The cold stings and the hours kill me.
    It seems that you took my world with you.
    I try different paths but they all take me to the same familiar ones.
    There’s nothing that can erase you from my mind, not even for a minute.
    I have so much sky but I’m like a lost bird.

    Missing you!
    I spend my time missing your kisses and your gaze.
    Missing you!
    I’ve just been missing you since the day you left.

    That seemed so long ago and it had been 5 years yet there were still times, even against his best efforts, where these feelings came flooding back. Never as strong as the first time but still strong enough to sense the old scar. Of course, as chance would have it, Sandra was also thinking back to the time after the breakup, but with a different twist.

    It had been different for her. She knew she had to end it, the surprise had passed. Its not that she wasn’t caught off guard by her realization it was just that when it did happen she was at a different stage in her healing. She didn’t want to go back to the way things were, a sentiment that filled her with some sadness but the appropriate feeling nonetheless. She cherished what her and Emilio had shared but was not about to let it keep her from living the rest of her life. It was interesting to her because she knew that Emilio had never understood how she had ‘moved on’ so quickly after a long relationship. The truth is that had she been in his shoes, she likely would’ve felt the same way. She only hoped that with time he had grown to understand that. His attitude towards her told her that he had but that he still felt the pain from time to time. Still, at the time she remembered the pain that hearing his sorrow caused her. Every plea from him was a knife to be unwillingly wielded by one against the other. The sorrow in his voice pained her and the inevitable rejection by her further deepened his sadness.

    Don’t ask me for forgiveness, please, I’m as guilty as you.
    We’ve both lost the sky and our smiles.
    Don’t ask me for forgiveness, please, don’t you see our effort was in vain?
    The sea became angered and my boat sank to the depths.

    To accept that life is different,
    Everything changes when love leaves.
    The emptiness you feel in your soul cannot be filled by any heart.
    Don’t ask me for forgiveness, please, I’ve sinned just like you.
    Every time we try again it ends in tears.
    The way in which you ask me does not make any sense.
    It’s like asking the Earth to stop rotating around the sun.
    Don’t ask me for forgiveness, please, let’s understand it’s all over.
    You and I have hurt each other so much that I can’t anymore.

    Don’t ask me for forgiveness, please.
    Don’t ask me to get back with you.
    Don’t ask me again.
    If you want to be my friend wait while I think about it more.
    Don’t ask me for forgiveness, please.
    Don’t ask me to love you again, you can’t be my love again.
    Don’t ask me again.
    If we meet each other one day it may be best not to speak.
    Don’t ask me for forgiveness, please.
    There’s no reason to ask me to love you again.
    Don’t ask me for forgiveness, please.
    Don’t call me again when you need someone to kiss.
    Don’t ask me again.
    You know I have a new love and I cannot love you.
    What do you want me to do if I can’t love you?
    I just want to get away.

    Don’t ask me for forgiveness, please.
    I’m guilty just the same as you, we’ve both lost the sky and a smile.

    The feelings were of annoyance, despair, guilt and a longing to move on. Not meant to be cruel but to encourage the process of healing for the both of them. In the end Sandra had decided that whether or not Emilio heeded her advice, she had to move on for her own sanity. In time he’d understand.

    As Emilio broke his thoughts he reached for the phone. He figured it was time to see what Sandra wanted…

    Sandra’s nostalgia was broken by the sound of her phone ringing…

    Sigan bailando!

    ps. I apologize for the cheesiness of the videos but I want you to know what the songs sound like, as it plays to the feeling of the moment.

    Feliz Navidad y Año Nuevo!

    Saludos a todos!

    Well, another holiday season is here and I just want to wish everyone happy festivities this year for whatever you may be celebrating. Christmas is always a festive time in latin countries, a time for celebrating, enjoying food with loved ones, respecting the religious origins of the season and just overall having a wonderful time. Of course, a large part of celebrating is the enjoyment of music. The song I have selected here does a superb job of embodying the feeling of Christmas in latin countries and I just want to share it with you. I apologize for the lack of a full sample of the song (though you can listen to the midi sample on this link) but it is not an easy one to find so please accept this translation as a small token for you all during this season

    Salsa Cubana (El cuerpo me pide) by Elvis Crespo and Victor Manuelle

    During Christmas time my body asks me that I have lots of fun, let’s go out.
    No one stays behind, this is going to be good, to the sound of sweet music, its time to have fun.

    The doors open and Christmas time is in full swing.
    There’s a lot of noise and I’ve brought this party to sing to you.
    A bunch of friends have come to celebrate with you.
    My body asks me just for fun at Christmas time.


    We’ll be singing all night until the sun rises.
    But we’ll have a great time even if you leave early.
    Move your bones, this party gets is driven by this rumba.
    My body asks me just for fun at Christmas time.


    With the sounds of aguinaldo, salsa and guaracha during this holy night,
    And then we’ll continue dancing until the new year.
    On the feast of the wise men we want to be gathered with good music.
    My body asks me just for fun at Christmas time.

    My body asked for this party I gave you.
    Since I know you liked it, I’ll do it again.

    Since my body asked for this party I brought it to you.
    I don’t know if you wanted it but my body said, ‘let’s go, let’s go!’
    Since my body asked for this party I brought it to you.
    Hey, Victor, if your body is asking for a party then let’s go to your place and start the dance.
    Since my body asked for this party I brought it to you.
    Hey, Elvis, you see so many people entering your place in a hurry and I’m not seeing your smile.
    Since my body asked for this party I brought it to you.
    You’ll go back to your place and that’s why I have I have my people in the spirit waiting for you.

    My soul breaks but I gently bring this party to you.
    You’re already saying bye but where are you off to?
    My soul breaks but I gently bring this party to you.
    That’s how I wanted to see you, leaving my party.
    My soul breaks but I gently bring this party to you.
    I knew there were many houses to choose from but I chose yours.
    My soul breaks but I gently bring this party to you.
    Tomorrow I’ll go to yours with my own party.
    My soul breaks but I gently bring this party to you.
    There’s like 50 cars and there’s more noise to come.
    My soul breaks but I gently bring this party to you.
    The other 75 cars are waiting at your place.
    My soul breaks but I gently bring this party to you.
    Well, this party is done but now we’re of to the house of…

    Felices Fiestas!

    Sigan bailando!


    Guerra Musical….DLG face-off

    Hola de nuevo, salseros!

    DLG, or Dark Latin Groove, is a salsa ensemble that creates a very modern, enjoyable brand of salsa. The band originally comprised of 3 singers, Huey Dunbar, Fragancia, and James ‘Da Barba’ de Jesus. They had many hits including, ‘No morira’(it will not die), ‘Volvere’ (I’ll return), and ‘Todo Mi Corazon’ (all my heart) to name a few. After a successful run, the lead singer (Dunbar) decided to pursue a solo career and the band disassembled. In 2007 the band was re-introduced with de Jesus returning along with a female lead vocalist, Yahaira Vargas. They continue to put out great music (I recommend you check out their version of the Peruvian folksong ‘Toro Mata’ [the bull kills] done to salsa) but the songs that will battle here are from the Dunbar days.

    The contenders:
    1. Todo de Ti. DLG; album “Swing On” (1997).
    2. Es Una Promesa. DLG; album “Swing On” (1997).

    Right off the bat these songs both sound like they won’t build up to the usual quick pace of DLG songs but they both nicely work in the salsa feel into the ballad-like intro. These are love songs, meant to be tender and full of adoration. Todo De Ti means ‘All of you’ whereas Es Una Promesa translates to ‘It’s a promise.’ Both are very sweet songs, just see for yourself.

    All of you

    In this dwelling that looks out at the city
    Even when I’m alone I don’t miss the ocean
    I sail travel through your eyes no matter what

    I just have to close my eyes to feel as if I have all of you

    All of your kisses, your gentle laugh
    All of your breath, your passionate love
    Your entire body burns against mine
    When I remember you again, my love

    In this great city my life passes by alone
    In this solitude I’ve learned to love you in any way

    I just have to close my eyes to feel as if I have all of you

    All of your kisses, your gentle laugh
    All of your breath, your passionate love
    Your entire body burns me again
    When I remember you again, my love

    It’s a promise

    I can’t live without you; you are my everything

    Give me your permission, please, and I’ll die in your gaze
    It will be an engagement from me to be driven crazy
    Crazy with love and from my heart I’ll make you a promise

    To fall in love with you more every day is a promise
    To not be able to live without you again is a promise
    To always take you with me in my soul and dreams is a promise

    I just need for you to also offer me
    At least a bit of your wine and strawberries
    And I’ll be crazy with love and from my heart I’ll make you a promise

    It’s a promise to fall in love with you
    I promise to give you all of me (sing it)

    Just can’t live without you

    I also can’t live without you
    And without you I swear I’ll die
    Because this man enjoys his time with you

    Because you are what I want most
    And all I want is to give myself to you
    Take you to heaven and give you the stars
    I will be your king and you will be my queen
    Come closer to me, I ask you not to leave me
    I promise to love you however you wish

    So, as you can see, these songs are expressions of love spoken in a way anyone who’s been in love can relate to. The feelings are raw, simple, powerful and, at times, full of longing. I think one of the reasons these songs connect so well with the listener is that the sentiments expressed are universal and familiar to all of us. Now, let’s move on to the judging.

    Sound of the song

    DLG’s sound tends toward a more pop/hip-hop style of salsa. Having said that, both songs have a similar sound yet are all their own. ‘Todo de ti’ has a section about 3 and a half minutes in that slows down and maintains the faint salsa rhythm which transits nicely into a salsa crescendo. ‘Todo de ti’ is also a slower song. Compare with ‘Es una promesa’ and you’ll see that that one has a more driving beat. On their own each song is very enjoyable but when heard back-to-back I find that ‘Es una promesa’ stands out more (at least in my opinion). Having said that, my vote goes to ‘Es una promesa’ by a score of 4.5-3.5.


    Based on my above assessment, this verdict will be a result of my personal taste in the tempo of a salsa song. When it comes to very quick versus slower, I prefer slower. However, when both songs are mid-tempo, I prefer songs that are instrumentally more complex. I enjoy the driving rhythm of ‘Es una promesa’ and find it overall more intriguing. Therefore, my verdict once again goes to ‘Es una promesa’ by a score of 4.5-4.

    Musical and lyrical sync

    As usual, this will be the most difficult category to judge. ‘Todo de ti’ is a supplication, a longing for someone. In a way, these songs are a before and after. ‘Todo de ti’ is the original question, asking someone to give of themselves. It is hopeful and therefore more under control, slower. ‘Es una promesa’ is like the promise the person makes when the other has answered their question in a positive way. In that scenario, there is an overwhelming joy, triumph, victory in the first. This makes the tone more excited, as the first is filled with joy at the answer and wishes to assure the second that everything will be better. Seen in this context, both songs are perfectly suited with the sound of the music. I really enjoy these two songs as a call and answer. My verdict is a draw, 5-5.


    These are solid, enjoyable songs full of emotion. On their own they are probably pedestrian salsa beats but as a set they are quite extraordinary. The numbers decide this winner and that song is…’Es una promesa’ by a score of 14-12.5.

    Hasta la proxima,

    Sigan Bailando!


    Milton Nascimento & the Jobim Trio

    In the late 1950′s and early 1960′s a new fusion of samba and jazz was born in Brazil. This music came to be know as Bossa Nova (“new trend” in portuguese). In its purest form, bossa nova consists of a classical guitar played without a pick and laying the music for the vocals. Larger ensembles use piano and some percussion to produce a very relaxed, swaying rhythm. We’ve all heard the style (and in case you’re not sure, I’m sure you can all recognize this standard “the girl from Ipanema”). Among the pioneers of this genre was Antonio Carlos Jobim and it is his son, Paulo Jobim (guitar), grandson, Daniel Jobim (piano), and long time collaborator, Paulo Braga (percussion), that accompany Milton Nascimento. Mr. Nascimento is himself a legend of bossa nova and a Grammy award winning artist. With this in mind, I was very excited to attend this concert.

    The crowd at Massey Hall was upbeat and full of anticipation for this performance and I can honestly say that the act did not disappoint. A fear of mine was how much of this ‘elevator music’ could I handle, however, it really is difficult to not be caught up in the addictive rhythm of bossa nova. The stage had a very simple set up, just the musicians at their instruments creating music which is actually quite fitting for the feel of the music. Even Mr. Nascimento was very calm and relaxed on stage, limiting his movements to playful interactions with his band. Among the most enjoyable parts was simply the sound of his voice (here’s a taste). His voice is really a treat for music lovers in general.

    I went in expecting to hear a full concert of a certain kind of bossa nova (I suppose it could be called the mainstream sound) but was surprised to hear songs with a much different sound. As my friend put it, it was almost like listening to the radio at times. What this meant is that some of the songs in the set did indeed sound like modern soul music. While still nice in sound, it was something that for the bossa nova novice (like myself) I could have done without. Still, the material was well balanced and the concert was extremely enjoyable as a whole. One thing I must warn about is that Mr. Nascimento’s singing is not overpowering and blends almost perfectly into the music. This is the style of the genre but does make distinguishing lyrics a little difficult at times. It is easy to understand the appeal of Milton Nascimento and bossa nova as a whole. After a long week of work this was the perfect concert to just sit back, enjoy and unwind to.

    Hasta la proxima.

    Sigan bailando!


    Act 1, Scene 3, Song 5

    Sandra sat in her room, exhausted from a long day of work. Its not as if she could just go home and rest; no, she had to go and continue some final arrangements for her upcoming wedding. So interminable list of things to do never really seemed to shorten. It seemed to her like for every task she checked off, two more would appear. Her fiancee, George, and her had decided to keep it simple, yet it still seemed daunting. The good thing is that George had been a lot of help and her friends and family had also pitched in when possible. It was the mundane things that seemed to agitate her most, like picking out the colour scheme for the table cloths, which is exactly what she was doing at that point.

    It could be said that Sandra was successful. She enjoyed her job and had an active social life. Money was tight at times but never a limiting factor. At only 27, Sandra’s mother often asked her if she was rushing into things. The thought was not alien to Sandra but down inside she felt that this was the right thing. Sandra’s mother’s questions were made simply out of motherly concern. Her parents liked George and had no objections, they just wanted Sandra to be sure she was doing what she wanted. She sometimes wondered if her parents just didn’t want her to get married.

    My mom has told me not marry someone rich
    because every night its demands and demands.
    My mom has told me not to marry someone poor
    because every night its hardship and hardship.

    But I die of romances
    my stomach hurts.
    And I aimlessly wander where?
    To the count’s home.
    And for what?
    That, I don’t know.

    What my mom wants is that I not get married.
    That I not get married or get tied down.

    Chuckling at the silliness of this thought, Sandra goes back at looking at cloth colours. At this point Sandra doesn’t really care what colour the table cloths are but she’s gone so far now that she may as well get the final details done as well. Her mind wanderes to the one last detail she has to take care of. It was kind of absurd in a way, but she didn’t really want Emilio finding out through someone else. Oddly, she felt that due to their history, she had to tell him directly. When she had ended their relationship 3 years back Emilio had been left hurt and confused. Truth is, she knew she had done the right thing, she just wasn’t pleased with the way both of them had handled it. For a solid 5 years they had been lovers, confidantes and best friends. His pain and her need to break free of the past had strained their relationship further. Now it seemed that they were nothing more than acquaintances, though each could sense an underlying connection at some level. This connection, a result of compassion, respect and amnesty, is what kept them connected now and was the reason why she felt she had to tell him of her impending wedding herself. Maybe this time he’d answer? She reaches for the phone but doesn’t dial. On second thought, she doesn’t have the energy this night to make this call.

    Sigan Bailando!