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    October: Time for Congress and Time for Turkey!

    Now if you’re somewhat new to the Salsa scene you may be hearing about this thing called ‘the Congress’. What is it? you may ask; well, let me do my best to give you a quick overview.

    The Congress in a nutshell:
    A Salsa Congress is kind of like the Superbowl and the Oscars (but way more fun and sexy!). Salsero/as from around the world go to the hosting city and showcase their dancing skills through competitions, demonstrations, workshops and (my personal favorite) social dancing. Usually spanning over a weekend, Congresses are 1-stop shops for everything salsa-related.

    Some Highlights of This Year’s Congress:
    Opening Night Gala:
    Featuring the Canadian Salsa Championships & amazing social dancing afterwards

    Need new shoes? shirts? DVDs? They’re all here

    Dance Performances:
    Last year I saw some of the most amazing dancing performed by teams from around the world

    From Lady’s Styling, Lifts and Tricks to Cha Cha and Sexy Salsa moves…you can learn from the best

    Beginner Boot Camp:
    Still new to salsa? take this day-long workshop to get your salsa steps up to par

    Social Dancing:
    Here you’ll find hundreds of dancers ranging in all skill levels for some of the most fun dance sessions that you’ll ever have!

    Cost Factor:
    There are a ton of price options from those who want to do it all to those who just want to dance the night away. Check out the Congress website for more options, one thing that’s for sure, is that the congress is THE event for all salsa dancers!

    See you on the floor!
    Till then,
    Stay Shining Salseros!

    Dips N Tricks II – Dips, Drops and Daniel’s Trick!

    Last weekend TDS put on a second Dips & Tricks Workshop as the first was so popular! In true Tracie and Daniel fashion, this second workshop featured moves that were both impressive and exciting to execute! From the Tower to Repetitive Dips, everyone left feeling like a pro and had a pretty intense core workout.

    Once again the main focus of the class was how to safely preform show-stopping tricks in social settings. Learning how to utilize our core muscles and proper technique, we learned a series of slick moves that not only round out the ones learned in the first session, but stand on their own. It was great to see people trying out their moves at the Sunday Social.

    One of my favourite moves was to learn Daniel’s signature move. While I can’t give away the secret, I can say that it’s a very cool move that involves the leader getting down on one knee!

    If you weren’t able to attend these workshops you may want to attend any future ones as eventually you’ll find yourself wanting to know how to safely dip yourself and/or your dance partner. If you want to check out the workshop again, be sure to email T.D.S. and request another one… you won’t be disappointed.

    Did you take the workshop? Let me know in the comments about how you liked it.

    Till then,
    Stay Shining Salseros!

    Tricked Out: The Dips & Tricks Workshop

    If you were one of the lucky ones who attended the ‘Dips & Tricks’ Workshop then you already know about how amazing it was to learn moves with such pizazz that you’re guaranteed to get some serious dance floor attention! Tracie and Daniel’s excellent instruction shone as we learned how to incorporate these socially-acceptable, show-stopping moves and more importantly, how to execute them safely and fluidly. It was amazing to see a class of seasoned dancers getting more and more giddy as the class went on!
    If you missed the workshop I would highly suggest emailing TDS and requested a repeat as I felt that this class would benefit every dancer who wants to add some seriously sexy moves to their dancing. Thank you Daniel and Tracie for such an excellent workshop, we’re looking forward to many more!
    Till then,
    Stay Shining Salseros!