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    Spooky, Sexy or Silly? It’s Salsa’ween Time!!!

    It’s no sooner than we put away our Turkey left-overs and rest up our ‘danced-all-long-weekend-at-congress’ feet, that we turn to thinking about Hallowe’en. More specifically, we’re most-likely thinking about what amazing costume are we going to unleash on the unsuspecting salsa populace. Before you rush out to the nearest costume-shop, let’s quickly go over some simple Salsa’ween guides for great costumes.

    Can you move in the costume? Can your partners move around you? Large butterfly wings, monster spikes or could really limit your dancing. Keep things tight and don’t let it restrict you from unleashing your latest combo.

    Can you see in this thing? A cool mask isn’t so cool if you’re unable to see the people dancing around you or your make-up makes you look like the girl from ‘The Grudge’.

    Will you be able to dance in that costume without passing out from the heat? Let’s face it, it get’s pretty hot in the clubs and polyester won’t help. Try to think of costumes that keep the layers light and airy.

    Some Suggestions for Popular Costumes (EDIT: Oct 17):
    Binders Full of Women
    Any Superhero: Batman & Co.,  The Avengers, Spiderman
    Fairytale Characters: Princesses, Fairies
    Popstars: PSY / Gangnam Style, Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj,  Child Beauty Queen
    Memes: Big Bird, Texts from Hilary, 50 Shades of Grey

    No matter what you choose, be sure to head out and come up witha great Spooky, Sexy or Silly costume and get ready for TDS’s Halloween Party at Uptown Loft on Oct 20th @9pm! It’s one of our busiest nights and everyone’s in costume, looking to win some of the amazing prizes for great costumes!

    Till Then,
    Stay Shining Salseros!