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    A Quick Sampler of Salsa – Slow, Medium and Fast Songs to Practice With

    One of the most common requests I hear from people is for a list of salsa songs to practice to. Whether you’re new to the scene or on your way to advanced moves, having a solid arsenal of salsa songs will improve your timing, styling and steps! With this, I’ve put together a quick list of slow, medium and fast songs. Remember if you’re looking for amazing lists of songs, check out DJ Duck’s great blog where he lists his fav songs every month!

    Slow Songs:
    Thinking of you (salsa version) – lenny kravitz
    Chinita – Gilberto Santa Rosa
    Juliana – DLG
    Fuiste Mia – Maelo Ruiz
    Micaela – La Sonora Carruseles
    Lloraras – Oscar De Leon
    Yay Boy – Africando
    Yamulemao – Joe Arroyo
    La Comay – Sonora Carruselles

    Medium Songs:
    Cumbia Boogaloo – King Bongo
    La Cura – Frankie Ruiz
    La Pantera Mambo – Orquesta La 33
    Me Libere – El Gran Combo
    Ni Frio Ni Calor – Oscar De Leon
    Yo No Se Manana

    Fast Songs:
    Ran Kan Kan – Tito Puente
    Aguanile – Marc Anthony
    Comerte a besos – Frankie Negron
    El Avion de la Salsa – Jimmy Bosch
    Meniando La Cola – Sexappeal

    I hope these help! Remember if you do decide to procure these songs, be sure to do so legally!
    Till then,

    Stay Shining Salseros!