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    Are You Ready for TDS’ Monster Halloween Outing?

    Halloween is an awesome night for Salseros as so many events are going on. If you’re looking for the craziest Halloween bash then check out TDS’ party at Acrobat on the 29th!

    Did you know that it’s our biggest outing every year? For the past two years there’ve been line-ups out the door (so get your costume on early and check out the lessons!)

    Want more chills? We’ve got an awesome costume contest with serious prizes and there have been rumours of a very scary surprise event!

    Need a few costume tips?
    -wear masks with large eye holes: if you don’t have peripheral vision, you won’t be able to dance.
    -avoid bulky costumes that impair body movement.
    -avoid lots of dangling things, wings, hats, etc. If it can get caught or fall off, it probably will.

    For the salseras, if you’re worried about your costume being a little skimpy, just tell them that you’re being practicle as it’s much safer to salsa in!

    For guys, be careful about your costume choice as you don’t want to creep out the ladies anymore than you normally do… I kid, I kid… The crazier and scarier the better!

    So keep the 29th (around 845) open as we continue the tradition of the best outing, crazy costume contest and an all-out Spooky Salsa Party!

    Till then,
    Stay Shining Salseros!

    Help Haiti through the power of dance!!!

    Want to help Haiti using the power of dance? There are two events coming up that look absolutely amazing!

    Jully Black & B2B Sweat-a-thon!
    This Sunday @ Circa Nightclub features Canadian Diva Jully Black as she hosts the B2B Sweat-a-thon!!!
    Get ready for 6 hours of hardcore aerobics, zumba and more as you can work up a sweat and raise money for Haiti Earthquake relief! This is definitely a ‘one-of-a-kind’ event that looks super fun and also a great way to keep those new years resolutions ;)

    The SalsaTO Haiti Fundrasier Salsa Party
    If you can’t make the Sweat-a-thon or want to do more than come out to Acrobat this Monday Feb 1st for the SalsaTO Haiti relief fundraiser party! Music starts at 9pm, featuring Live Bands, DJs, Shows and Prizes! If you don’t know SalsaTO yet, you should stop by as they are huge supporters of the Toronto salsa scene and TDS so we’re sure that this party will be off the hook!

    Whether you’re sweating at Circa or Acrobat, you’re sure to have an awesome time helping out a culture who have played a huge role in shape the music that we love to dance to. Let’s all do what we can to help out Haiti and what better way than by dancing? 

    See you Sunday/Monday!

    Till then,
    Stay Shining Salseros!