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    A Beginner Salseros’ Guide to Social Dancing

    Having recently helped a level 1 class with Tracie and Daniel, it was interesting to see how many of the leads had questions in regards to becoming better dancers and if they’re ready for social dancing. I remember a few years ago when I had started level 1 and how impossible it seemed to go out and dance the night away. Hopefully, with a few of these helpful tips, you’ll be out practicing your moves in no time!

    Get Out There:
    The best way to learn is by doing and while class time is great, you really need to social dance to get better. For level 1-2′s, I’d suggest going to the TDS Sunday Socials as they are so casual and that the majority of people on Sundays are beginners. You can also get to see some of the more advanced dancers, which is always great as if you only do a couple of dances, you’ll get really inspired.

    Outing Classes:
    Whether it’s a TDS social or Plaza, I highly recommend doing the beginner class. One reason for this is that you can always ask someone who’s even less experienced than you are to do the lesson. You’ll look like a pro in their eyes and you’ll have a blast learning the basics and a few moves to add to your arsenal.

    Dont’ Expect, Suggest:
    I always tell both men and women to ask people to dance. When I first started, I always mentioned to my partners that I was new to salsa, but would love to dance with them. I found my Follows were very polite when dealing with my bad dance skills. I think most of us realize that within 3-6 months, those dancers who aren’t so great will become the next top stars, so being polite is key because you never know.

    Dance Floor Etiquette:
    As a lead, always take small steps and protect your partners. This means don’t guide them into other dancers and try to space yourselves out from other dancers. I’ve literally had people start dancing right in front of my partner and I, thus making it difficult to dance for everyone involved.

    Another tip is to be polite at all times. Apologize if you bump into someone and be respectful if someone refuses a dance… you never know if they’re tired, dizzy or just not feeling well. I’ve seen some people take dance refusals really poorly and you’d be surprised about how that kind of thing will stick with you for ages.

    Start Small, Aim for Smooth Transitions:
    When I first started, my buddy Mike and I would say ‘Tonight, I’m aiming for 5 dances’. This helped give us a goal and be courageous enough to ask a few girls to dance. After you have X number of dances you can relax and soak up the ambiance.

    The key to salsa isn’t about many moves, it’s all about transitions. So make sure that when you go from one move to the next, to be smooth in your body movements and confident in your hand/body guidance. I remember practicing on my own for 20-30 minutes a night just to smooth out my transitions.

    One of the reasons I really stuck with dancing was due to my friend Mike. We met in level 1 and have been encouraging each other to go out to the clubs for years. Not only do you go out more often, but you learn quicker from friendly competition.

    Know someone from class that you gel with? Ask them to start going to the clubs with you. You will see how quickly you’ll get better together because you’re used to dancing with each other. Before you know it, you’ll be tearing up the dance floors.

    While there are countless other tips to follow, you’ll soon find that this strange and somewhat scary world of Salsa will become your happy place. Be polite and get out there as much as you can! Speaking of which, be sure to check TDS this Saturday for our annual Holiday Party! With 3 performances, beginner and intermediate lessons, you’ll have an amazing time!

    Be warned though, our Holiday themed parties are usually packed so be sure to get there early! Last year’s Valentines’ Party had people lined up down the street! Get there early and be prepared for an amazing night!

    I wish I could be there, but am in San Francisco, visiting my parents for the Holidays! Be sure to post video on Facebook and I’m looking forward to seeing you on the dance floor!

    Till then,
    Stay Shining Salseros!

    Happy Salsadays! Heat up the Winter at the TDS Holiday Party!

    I’m very sad about the holidays this year. Well, not entirely sad, but pretty down as I’ll be missing the TDS Special Christmas/Holiday Party on Saturday, Dec. 18th! Having parents in San Francisco means that sometimes you just have to spend the Holidays away from all of the amazing Salsa parties happening this year.

    So here’s the 411:
    SPECIAL TDS Christmas/Holiday Party
    Outing to Acrobat Lounge
    Saturday December 18th at 8:45pm

    Why this party shouldn’t be missed: 3 reasons…
    Pro Team:
    If you want to see some sexy shines, flawless execution and even some high-flying tricks; then you should see the Pro Team dance! Made up from TDS’ finest, you’ll see how well you can dance if you really apply yourself and hit up as many outings and socials as you can.

    Student Team:
    I’ve personally had the pleasure if seeing most of this routine and all I can say is wow! If you’d like to perform but aren’t ready for the Helper or Pro Team, then the Student Team is just right. On a more personal note; having seen most of the dancers on the Team grow from level 1 upward, I feel such pride to see how amazing they’re dancing now! Trust me, these guys rock.

    Reggaeton Team!
    It’s no secret that I love, love, love Reggaeton! Fuse Hip Hop with Sexy Latin styling, and you have a powerful and hot dance style that has to be seen to be believed! If you’re looking to heat up your holidays, this team will melt Yonge street with their pops, bumps and grinds!

    So while I’ll be blue from being far away; at least I know that I’ll get to see the videos on Facebook… So that means you HAVE to go on the 18th! Cheer on your friends, assistants and teachers as it’s going to be one amazing night!

    Till then,
    Stay Shining Salseros!