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    Passing the Torch… Helper Team Jan 2011

    It’s no secret that by joining a performance team will make you a better dancer. Not only will you be pushed to the limits, you will also learn what it takes to get to that next level of dance. While I was really scared and unsure of joining the Helper Performance Team, I’m so thankful that I did… and you will too.

    Trust me, I could barely Coca-Cola when I started and now I get complimented on them… a lot! It’s really amazing to see how far you progress in a few months of practice. Not only do you learn a bunch of cool new moves to use in your arsenal, but you also improve your styling, movement and positioning.

    Don’t worry if you’re scared. I was terrified! If you feel like you need a buddy, find someone to sign up with and you’ll have one more person to stand by you during this experience. Trust me, it’s amazing and everyone out there watching will want to dance with you from then on!

    From what I hear, it sounds like the next routine is going to be really, really cool! Be sure to sign up a.s.a.p., as the Helper Team slots usually fill up pretty quickly! Can’t wait to see you on the floor!

    Till then,
    Stay Shining Salseros!

    The Taming of the Tango

    I have always loved Tango from afar. Passionate and mysterious, Tango has captivated me all of my life and can now finally say that I know what it’s like to take those forward steps with intention. Thanks to the amazing instruction from Tracie and Daniel, my love for Tango has finally gone from afar to the forefront.

    While only about half way through the classes, I have already seen Tango interweave into my regular life… From seeing better weight-shifting in my salsa steps to even taking Tango steps around the office. It’s very infectious and sexy and I have a feeling that it’s only a matter of time before a few Tangos will creep into the playlists at the socials.

    What is it about Tango that makes it so amazing? First of all, the music is potent. Booming and explosive one moment and then subtle and soft the next; the music instantiates passion. Secondly, just being able to take a step in Tango requires complete weight-shifting control and perfect confidence. Thirdly, being so close with your partner you can’t help but feel the magic found within the music.

    While I’m no where near being able to tear up a tango at a social, I am feeling so much better from actually taking the steps to learning one of the most romantic dances.

    Till then,
    Stay Shining Salseros!