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    New Years Salsa Resolutions…

    With the last few days of the ‘aughts in our midsts, it’s time to state for the record my salsa resolutions for 2010. While not all of these may apply to you, I encourage anyone else to join me in fulfilling these during the new year…

    1-Dance with more people
    2-Work on body styling (finally get that cool weight-shifting mambo hip action)
    3-Working on strengthening my lead
    4-Work on taking smaller steps and executing moves with less space
    5-Learn 20-30 new moves and improve my coca colas
    6-Practice the moves learned in the workshops (dips, casino and most importantly, on2)
    7-Put my all into the performance team (and dance enough weight off to look good in those crazy-tight performance outfits)
    8-Writing more blogs that hopefully will inspire and inform
    9-Attend at least 3 days at the salsa congress and show love to all salsa schools by attending their parties and events
    10-Attending way more Sunday Socials at Empress
    I’m sure there are a ton of more resolutions to make, but I think ultimately the key is to get out there, try new things and dance, dance, dance!
    Till then, 
    Stay Shining in 2010 Salseros! (see you at Acrobat NYE)

    This New Year’s, It Doesn’t Matter If You Wear Black or White!

    Do you have New Years’ Plans? I know some of you already have your Hotel and Salsa Glam tickets purchased but if you’d rather save the cash to hit up an all-inclusive trip later in the Winter – Check out the most recession-friendly Salsa Party in the City! Not only are the $45 advanced tickets a great value but you’re also dancing on one of my favourite floors at Acrobat lounge.

    So, not only do you get an amazing night of salsa but check out the many other great things that are in the works:

    • A not-to-be-missed performance from the lovely ladies of the TDS Pro-Team! Come see Emely, Sarah and crew perform for the first time!
    • An Argentine Tango and a Salsa performance with Tracie and Daniel (if you haven’t seen these two dance, and especially to the Tango then be prepared for some serious dance-candy!)
    • A Checkerboard Helper game – win great prizes for dancing with the most amount of Helpers/ Teachers (and Sharon is notorious for giving away amazing prizes)
    • Champagne toast at midnight and hors d’oeuevres 
    • Dress is semi-formal and the colours are Black and White (hence the MJ props in this blogs’ title)
    • Beginner and Intermediate lessons (always good for learning new moves)
    • Lots of parking and close to the Subway
    I’ve already got my tickets, do you have yours? If not, feel free to stop by at Acrobat this Saturday night for our bi-weekly outing and pick some up for you and your crew! Space is limited to 250 and I hear that they are going quickly. If you can’t make it out to Acrobat, feel free to call them at: 416-489-1105

    I hope you can make it out for NYE and if you see me or any of the TDS helping/teaching crew, ask us to dance (and win awesome prizes!)

    Till then, 
    Stay Shining Salseros!

    An Empire State of Dance: My On 2 Workshop Experience

    While Jay Z may be singing the praises of New York on the radio, the growing community of On 2 dancers are most definitely stepping theirs. I recently had the pleasure to attend the Beginner to On 2 Workshop held at Empress and I must that while at first I was a bit skeptical, I now can confidently say that I absolutely love On 2 Salsa. While it’s a bit tricky to get the basic, once you do, I bet you’ll find that it’s pretty easy to convert over all of your moves too!

    Here are a few observations that I learned from the workshop taught by Gen and Young from Korkoa:

    • On 2 is the dominant style of dance in New York (On 1 is mostly West Coast/LA).
    • While On 1 focuses stepping on the 1, On 2 focuses on the second and sixth beat and is stepped, slow | quick | quick, instead of quick | quick | slow
    • Because of the pausing at the beginning of the step, partnering becomes easier as there’s more time for turns and styling…this makes dancing to fast songs much easier.
    • Emphasizing the second beat changes your basic, it feels almost jazzier/funkier when you’re doing your basic.
    • On 2 dancers assume more of a ‘walking’ basic and seem to float back and forth whereas On 1 dancers are a bit more bold in their basic.
    • Ladies turn on the 2-3 and men on the 6-7.

    While On 2 may not be for everyone (many people like to become an advanced dancer before learning this style) I highly recommend that you learn it earlier on as it increases your dance card, will improve your styling and you won’t be afraid to check out the New York Congress next year!

    I’m including a pretty solid video of the On 2 Basic that I found on YouTube. I hope that this gives you a sense of how the basic differs from On 1

    Do you dance On 2? In your opinion, how does it differ from dancing On 1? Would love to hear your thoughts,

    Till then,
    Stay Shining Salseros!

    Tricked Out: The Dips & Tricks Workshop

    If you were one of the lucky ones who attended the ‘Dips & Tricks’ Workshop then you already know about how amazing it was to learn moves with such pizazz that you’re guaranteed to get some serious dance floor attention! Tracie and Daniel’s excellent instruction shone as we learned how to incorporate these socially-acceptable, show-stopping moves and more importantly, how to execute them safely and fluidly. It was amazing to see a class of seasoned dancers getting more and more giddy as the class went on!
    If you missed the workshop I would highly suggest emailing TDS and requested a repeat as I felt that this class would benefit every dancer who wants to add some seriously sexy moves to their dancing. Thank you Daniel and Tracie for such an excellent workshop, we’re looking forward to many more!
    Till then,
    Stay Shining Salseros!

    Casino Rueda, this coming Sunday at Empress!

    Casino Rueda is coming to TDS! For those of you who aren’t quite familiar with this infectious dance, check out the video link I’ve posted with just one example of casino (fast-forward to about 45 seconds in).

    Basically it’s a type of ’round’ dancing where everyone gets in a circle and does the moves the caller yells/signs out. The best part of it is that you continuously switch partners and it’s super fun. Think double-dutch ala grade 4 but with a dozen or more couples all dancing with each other!

    Instructed by Daniel Guajardo and Tracie Yee, you’ll definitely be in good hands as you learn the moves and signals of Casino. Having attended the Dips & Tricks workshop, I was extremely impressed with their excellent instructional skills and look forward to Casino-ing with you all next weekend! And while you’re out to the workshop, why not stick around and check out the Sunday social?! Make sure you ask your helpers and instructors for a dance.

    Till then,
    Stay Shining Salseros!

    A Quick Sampler of Salsa – Slow, Medium and Fast Songs to Practice With

    One of the most common requests I hear from people is for a list of salsa songs to practice to. Whether you’re new to the scene or on your way to advanced moves, having a solid arsenal of salsa songs will improve your timing, styling and steps! With this, I’ve put together a quick list of slow, medium and fast songs. Remember if you’re looking for amazing lists of songs, check out DJ Duck’s great blog where he lists his fav songs every month!

    Slow Songs:
    Thinking of you (salsa version) – lenny kravitz
    Chinita – Gilberto Santa Rosa
    Juliana – DLG
    Fuiste Mia – Maelo Ruiz
    Micaela – La Sonora Carruseles
    Lloraras – Oscar De Leon
    Yay Boy – Africando
    Yamulemao – Joe Arroyo
    La Comay – Sonora Carruselles

    Medium Songs:
    Cumbia Boogaloo – King Bongo
    La Cura – Frankie Ruiz
    La Pantera Mambo – Orquesta La 33
    Me Libere – El Gran Combo
    Ni Frio Ni Calor – Oscar De Leon
    Yo No Se Manana

    Fast Songs:
    Ran Kan Kan – Tito Puente
    Aguanile – Marc Anthony
    Comerte a besos – Frankie Negron
    El Avion de la Salsa – Jimmy Bosch
    Meniando La Cola – Sexappeal

    I hope these help! Remember if you do decide to procure these songs, be sure to do so legally!
    Till then,

    Stay Shining Salseros!

    Taking the plunge…

    I’m quite nervous to say, but I’ve decided to join the Helper Only Performance Class. While I’m not too sure if I’m ready for it, I’m really looking forward to challenge that lies ahead.

    Starting in January, a group of TDS helpers will be getting together and learning professional choreography by the amazing Tracie Yee! If you’ve taken her Zumba, Advanced Turn-Patterns or Styling classes; you have a good idea of her intensity and mastery of the craft.

    So what’s it like being in a performance group? Having never done it myself, I’ve asked around and heard a lot of great things so starting in January, I will be blogging my experiences from week to week, performance to performance. I hope that by sharing my experiences you may be inspired to become a helper and join the team! Speaking of which, if you’re a helper this Winter and would like a challenge, feel free to join up as it would be great to experience it with you.

    Till then,
    Stay Shining Salseros!