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    And you thought H1N1 was a Raggaeton band!

    With Dancing With The Stars’ Melissa Rycroft catching H1N1 (as well as the endless media coverage about Swine Flu), I thought it may be wise to talk about how it could affect the salsa scene. While I’m no doctor, H1N1 seems to be a highly communicable disease that could be ‘bad news bears’ for the dance floor (especially with all of you bachata-lovers out there ;) After checking out many websites, pamphlets and reports, I thought that it would be good to list some of the precautions that the government recommends when it comes to protecting yourself and the community from the Swine Flu…

    -If you are sick please stay home (rest up for those shines for when you’re feeling better).
    -Wash your hands frequently with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds or use an alchohol-based hand sanitizer.
    -Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth.
    -Cough an sneeze into your arm, not your hand.
    -Keep common surfaces clean and disinfected.
    -Don’t over-exert yourself (take a break when Ran Kan Kan plays)

    You may have noticed that I didn’t include ‘getting the H1N1 flu shot’ with my list, but I feel that’s a very personal choice that one must make for themselves. I would love to hear your opinions about the shot as well as giving suggestions as to how we can keep the dance floors spicy AND hygienic.

    Till next time, keep shining salseros!

    Find going out to salsa dance a little scary? Grab a costume and check out our Halloween Party!

    One major step to becoming a true Salsa addict is to overcome the fear of dancing outside your classroom, ( especially for leaders as it takes time to craft the art). Have no fear, our Halloween Costume party is here! Well, next Saturday to be exact. With the majority of Salseros dressing up, you will have the security of disguise as well as an amazing time dancing with a group of people whom I’ve come to discover as one of the most patient and fun group to dance with.

    Here’s a little story from when I was about 4 classes into my level 1…

    While still very new to the salsa scene, I was getting anxious to get out and see some seasoned salsa dancers in action (as well as to perfect my forward, side-to-side and ‘back-across-together’ steps). It was an outing to Acrobat (which just so happens to be the same location for this weekends’ party). After reviewing the level 1 DVD a few times, I got ready and headed down to check out the event with a friend I met in class. The place was packed and we were amazed to see some of the most amazing moves!

    Within 15 minutes we decided to leave.
    Why? Because everyone was so good and we were so not. What happened next basically forged my love for the dance. As we walked towards the exit we were stopped by our level 1 instructor, Emely. She had noticed that we were leaving and she took the time to give both of us a few dances. It definitely made our night and showed us that the TDS gang are out there to get everyone dancing. After that we noticed a few girls from class and spent the night practicing our basics together.

    The morale of the story?
    Whether you’re a level 1 with 1 class under your belt or maybe even haven’t taken a lesson; TDS outings are the place to break in your dancing shoes. If you see a helper/instructor from your class? Ask to dance with them and they will love to.

    If you’re still feeling nervous you can take comfort knowing that if you weren’t on your ‘A’ game your dance partner will think it was Captain Jack Sparrow, the Sexy Princess or the Zany Zombie that they danced with.

    Have a Spooky Halloween and hopefully a not-so-scary time on the dance floor!!!

    Acrobat Lounge on Saturday October 31st at 8:45pm!
    2464 Yonge Street (N of Eglinton). Beginner/Intermediate lessons from 9:00 – 10:00pm. Cover is $10. Prizes for best costume including $150, Acrobat passes and more. Open to everyone. 300ppl expected.

    Need practice music? The Salsa Beat Machine will blow your mind!

    While I’ve only been a T.D.S. helper for a little while now, one thing that I’ve noticed many students say is that they don’t really know where to start when it comes to music to practice to. While a list of songs is a good start, imagine a free online app that not only allows you to choose the tempo but also the key and instruments that song features! This tool is called the Salsa Beat Machine and an invaluable part to any salsa dancers’ arsenal.

    Check it out here.

    Why would I want to use the Salsa Beat Machine?
    Imagine that you just learned how to do a new move that you couldn’t quite get during your last class. You want to practice the move but find that all of your salsa songs are way too fast to get it right. Just go to the S.B.M.’s website and click on the arrows by BPM to speed up or slow down the song.

    Don’t like the key? feel free to change it.
    Want to change the melody? Click the piano icon in the ‘instruments’ channel and change the ‘program’ options.
    Having trouble finding beat 1 or 5? make sure the ‘instructor’ icon is selected and you’ll hear him call the beats out.

    These are just a few features of the S.B.M. but all in all it provides countless options for melodies, rhythms and instrumentation to give you complete control over your salsa needs!

    Welcome to the Salsa Addiction Centre

    Hello, my name is Tony and I’m a salsa addict. Whether I’m listening to El Gran Combo on my ipod or learning a new move in class, there’s rarely a day where I’m not fueling my addiction. In fact, my love for salsa has consumed me so much that listening is no longer enough and even dancing is no longer enough… that’s where the Salsa addiction center comes in.

    Welcome to the premier edition of the Salsa addiction centre, a place to get your fix for all things salsa. From tips on timing to doses of dance lessons, the Salsa addiction centre’s goal is to tide you over until the next time you hit the floor! So feel free to give your comments & suggestions on future posts as we’re excited to fueling your addiction as best as we can!

    With that being said, cue up the clavs as the addiction centre is officially open.

    Thanks to all those who took time to read the ‘salsero’s soundtrack’ blog, I appreciate it. I hope I was able to give you some insight into the songs you hear so often, it was a great pleasure writing them. Unfortunately, I have not had the time to update the blog as regularly as I would like or as regularly as the reader deserves. I wish the next person that takes over all the best in providing their own twist to the salsa community.

    Muchas gracias y sigan bailando!


    A Halloween Story…

    As she stepped into the club from the cool October air she could already hear the rhythms taking over her. After a long week this was her way of unwinding. Out on the dance floor nothing else mattered but feeling the music and expressing it with the movements of her body. She usually went out with friends but had decided that this night she just wanted to go on her own. She knew this club and the people, so she was never really alone, still for all intended purposes it was just her tonight.

    Truth was that she was hoping to see him this night, an encounter she wanted to be private. Stepping up to the bar she scanned the room and saw many familiar faces but not the one she was really hoping for. She greeted people who came up to her and danced for a few songs, all the while maintaning a look out. The time was nearing 12:30 and she knew that the DJ consistently changed the music at this time, from the exuberating rhythms of salsa to the sensual sound of bachata. It was like an internal clock the club provided its patrons.

    Sure enough, right on cue, the salsa ended and gave way to the twang of the bachata guitars. She recognized the song, the DJ always played it; she figured it was one of his favourites…it was one of her’s as well. The song was “Llorando Penas” and it was one of the most beautiful songs she could recall. The pace of the song caused partners to hold each other closely and through this she saw him. He was smiling at her from across the room and they both started moving towards each other. They came together with tenderness and passion and started dancing like long time lovers enjoying the ecstasy of being with each other.

    The first words of the song were heard and she rested her head on his shoulder as they began their dance.

    I’m crying of regret

    without your love

    So alone and without your heart

    I cry like a child

    Their bodies move as one. Nothing intricate, just swaying to the music. His arms holding her close, her breath warm on his shoulder.

    I want you to listen well

    To what I say now

    I can’t be without you

    I miss you

    In her mind she remembered the times they’ve shared, many of them in this club and to this very song. It was their own thing, an obvious attraction and longing. Regardless of this, circumstances always kept them apart to the point where this was the only time they could be together. She figured this was why they always made such an effort to share these nights… alone, together.

    Why did you let my poor heart fall in love with you?

    So that today I would be suffering without your love

    Without your presence?

    Why did you let those lips that taste of honey

    Sweeten my soul?

    So that I now feel the bitterness of knowing that you no longer love me?

    They turned to look at each other, staring into each others’ eyes. Tears were forming but so were smiles. There was no need to say anything, the moment said it all. Still, why not say something when you felt it?

    Today I’m crying

    Crying of regret for your love

    Today that you’re no longer here

    I want to know why you don’t love me

    Today I’m crying, its true

    And its something I can’t stand

    You left me, without your love

    And my heart will die of shame.

    The song strikes its final chords and with eyes still locked they each whisper “I love you” and share an embrace. They walk off the dance floor in silence, share a final moment and part ways. The moment is bittersweet but they know they’ll see each other soon, its become a yearly tradition.

    The night has gotten colder as she leaves the club. She reaches into her purse, looking for her cell phone. There is a missed call, her husband has called her, letting her know he’s back from his night out with his friends and that he’ll see her when she gets back. Hearing his voice brings a smile to her face and a warm feeling in her heart. She calls him back and tells him she’ll be home soon. At the moment she wants nothing more than to be in his arms. Just one more thing to do.

    Putting her phone away she reaches for her keys and as she pulls them out they fall to the floor beside a lamppost. She bends down to pick them up and notices the flowers set up around the post. This makeshift memorial had been set up a few years ago to the day, of this she was sure since she had been the one who had mournfully placed the first flowers in honour of the young man whom she had just been dancing with. “Til next year,” she says as she walks off to her car and heads home.

    Happy Halloween!

    Sigan bailando!