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This class is good for all levels of fitness.  Focusing on strengthening, lengthening and detoxifying the body.
As we get older all of our habits start to catch up with us. Not just the external habits but the internal as well. For example the way we stand when we wait for the bus or in line at the grocery store.


Which way do you lean? I bet that side of your hip is tighter then the side you have not learnt to for the past number of year. The things that we don’t even notice we are doing are the things that affect us the most because we don’t even have the awareness we are doing them. 


This class uses a wide range of postures to enable you to learn more about yourself by correcting yourself as you twist, turn and balance while finding your own strength. For the person who hears yoga and thinks of a simple hour a stretching this class will have you thinking a bit differently about what you invasion when you hear “yoga”. 

The class starts with a few salutations to warms and lines up the body for the practise. Our muscles are easier to work with when they are warm, also helping to protect the muscles from injury. By lining up the body we will be very articulate as to where we place the limbs as we move from pose to pose to ensure we move in the proper alignment our body is supposed to move in finding balance from out left side of the body to the right.  


The salutations also help with our cardio. Each movement is paired to an inhale or an exhale of the breath, using the breath to fuel the movement.

After catching our breath, the new focus is balance.  We rarely have a reason to stand on one foot, so it’s easy to not even notice if we can balance on one foot or not.  Balancing helps flatten feet that are over arched but also can help strengthen an arch in a flat footed person. 


Balancing is about really finding connecting with yourself and connecting your mind with your body to hold a position without the normal support you would have with two feet.  When you practise balancing you are practising finding control of your body in unknown territory. Quite empowering when you think about it.  


Before bringing yourself down onto the mat, the class flows into sequence of standing postures to strengthen the legs and open the hips, still moving with the breath and being articulate with placement of our hand and feet as we move from posture to posture.


From standing coming down to the ground working the arms and the core, postures will all be close to the ground either seated or on all fours. Lastly the class adds some twists to loosen the spine and finishes with a 7 min shavasana. Shavasana or corpse pose allows the body to settle and adapt, and an important part to the practise. With hard work should come rest.

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