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What is Pilates?

Joseph Pilates developed the Pilates Method (or simply, Pilates ) as a way to rehabilitate the wounded and sick during World War I. After the war, Joseph Pilates brought his method from Europe to New York and began teaching to a select few followers. Today, there are many different variations of Pilates all stemming from Joseph Pilates ‘classical' method and Pilates Classes are a very popular method of staying in shape, toning the body and keeping healthy and fit. Pilates on the mat works on strengthening core muscles including the lower back muscles and abdominals. Core muscle strength helps prevent injury. A popular metaphor used is comparing the human body to a tree. If a tree truck is not strong, the branches cannot be supported. Many people only work out their extremities at the gym. However, your body is only as strong as its core just as a tree is only as strong as its trunk. Pilates classes in Toronto can help sculpt the body through proper breathing and concentration techniques. Whereas most weight training routines strengthen and shorten muscles, Pilates strengthens and elongates muscles. Pilates tones muscles and does not create bulk. Pilates provides many other benefits including: * Increased flexibility * Increased tone * Increased body awareness * Increased range of motion * Increased lung capacity * Increased balance and coordination * Improved posture A well developed Pilates class will be planned out ahead of time to ensure a balanced workout. Pilates classes strive to be symmetrical and balanced. Pilates can be tailored to reach individual goals and help individual injuries. Pilates can also be tailored for beginners, athletes, dancers, prenatal and postnatal women. Toronto Dance Salsa offers Pilates fitness classes for all ages and fitness levels. In Pilates for Beginners you will work on mastering fundamental mat exercises that will be built upon as the classes progress. Each class will focus on one of the Pilates principles such as control, breathing, flexibility, endurance, precision, concentration, and flow. The beginner session will work on slowly strengthening the core, while coordinating breathing with movements. At the end of the session you will feel taller, stronger, and ready for your next challenge! Our Pilates classes are taught by Elizabeth Moore. Here is Elizabeth's bio: Elizabeth first became interested in Pilates as a way to safely relieve herself from chronic headaches and neck pain. After moving away from home to go to university, Elizabeth left behind ballroom and Latin dancing. Elizabeth found that Pilates exercises mimicked the fluidity and challenge of a dance class. She started taking Pilates classes at her local gym and soon was hooked. Elizabeth began studying Pilates more seriously, learning about the benefits and challenges of each movement and eventually gained her instructors certification. Elizabeth was amazed at how quickly she felt the benefits of Pilates in her posture and control. Elizabeth grew up teaching swimming and piano lessons in her community, and she has always loved the feeling of helping her students master new challenges and feel confident in their new ability. Elizabeth has a passion for healthy living and education both in her own life and academically. She is also a health sciences teaching assistant at the University of Western Ontario, and is currently completing a master's degree in health education. Click here to view our Pilates Classes in Toronto.