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Constantly we find ourselves rushing through life. Speeding to work, speeding to get home from work. Rarely finding the time in our day to sit back and relax and actually just take in the present moment and retract away from the hustle and bustle of life. This hatha yoga class allows for an hour to really connect to yourself and slow down.


The focus of this class is detoxifying the body as well as relaxing and lengthening the muscles.  Stress is the biggest issue our body faces. Stress tenses our muscles, adds stress on the brain and makes us tired from our body working on overload constantly.

Stress stops us from sleeping from eating; it can kill us if we let it. Everything from emotional stress, physical stress and even stress for the environment affects our bodies on a daily basis.


80% of us don’t even breathe properly to feed our body the proper oxygen do to theses stresses. These are probably things you haven’t even thought of prior to right now.

This hatha class starts with a 5mins of grounding the body and connecting to the breath. Connecting to the breath allows our minds to drift from our daily distractions and into the present moment.  Taking 5mins allows the body to adapt out of the survival mode and relax and settle. 


This helps us be able to utilize our muscles to their potential during class. When muscles are in a tensed state it’s quite hard for any circulation or movement.  Moving from the first 5mins, the next 5mins are dedicated to opening the hips. We hold the most tension in our hips and shoulders so that’s why we focus the first 10mins on these areas.

Sun Salutations are used in this class as well, which not all hatha classes do but, sun salutation are fabulous for resetting the body and finding length in the spine. Also helps to warm our muscles for the rest of the class, which is quite beneficial in regards to easier movement. 


Once our muscles are warm the class continues with a couple balancing postures which are always fun Finally we the rest of the class is down on the mat. This class unlike the Power Yoga class we spend more time in our postures. Relaxing the body and working with the breath to ease the muscles and joints. (This class would also be great for anyone who feels they may be starting to feel stiffness in their joints!)


Finally just as any yoga class the class ends with a Shavasana or corpse pose, where we lay flat on our backs and rest to give the body time to adapt to all the hard work that has been put in over the last hour. If you have never tried yoga before this would be a fabulous first class.


And for those of us who are yoga pros this class will allow you to learn a bit more about your own practise as well as yourself.

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