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Changing Lives

Thank you for visiting our new section called "Changing Lives". We are dedicating this section to true stories of our students who have changed their lives by taking salsa lessons with us. Whether you have met someone special, new friends, increased your self-confidence, became fit or enjoyed any of the amazing benefits that salsa dancing and our classes can provide you, your story should be told!

Please visit our forums and enter your story under "General Salsa Dance Discussions" or email your story to us at We will choose a selection of stories to be showcased in this section!

Thank you for sharing your lives with us!


Changing Lives - Toronto Dance Salsa
Jimmy Proposes To Rebecca In Class!

Congratulations to Jimmy and Rebecca for their recent engagement. Jimmy asked Rebecca to marry him during their Sunday Level 5 class at Northridge and brought many tears to their fellow students!

Jason's Life Changed with Toronto Dance Salsa!

"Toronto Dance Salsa has changed my life because it helped me tackle my fear of dancing and rebuild my confidence. I had an extremely rough year in 2006 and my confidence was already at "rock bottom". I thought that I would never get out of the rut that I was in. When Karina referred me to this school, I had no idea what to expect. Was I ever glad that she referred me! I never knew that dancing could rebuild my confidence, change my attitude, and be so much fun at the same time! Sharon Galor is an excellent teacher who simplifies the dance steps, she's always smiling, and always has a positive and encouraging attitude. I have discovered the joys of dancing, learned to have fun again, and enjoy my life because of her. I have applied this new feeling of self-confidence to other aspects of my life. My family sees a big difference in me now. I have recommended this school to many of my friends Thank you so much Sharon! I will see you in Level 3 and for many more classes and salsa outings to come!" ........ Jason Schlesinger

Changing Lives - Toronto Dance Salsa

The 2006 Toronto Dance Salsa Helper Team's Debut Performance

Talk about changing lives! Most of our helpers had never danced prior to their first Toronto Dance Salsa class. Not only did they learn to dance in such a short amount of time but they were able to showcase their new talents in an amazing performance at the final outing of the summer, attracting an audience of over 200 people. Congratulations to everyone!

Ran and Leah are engaged!

Ran and Leah met a year ago in Northridge Club's level 3. Fast forward to one year later and they are in love, engaged and planning their dream wedding for July 2007. Congratulations Ran and Leah!

Changing Lives - Toronto Dance Salsa

Friendships forged

Sharing a new passion with your long time friends or forging new friendships, that is what salsa is all about!


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