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For those of us to like to have our butt kicked, come on over!  This class is fabulous for all levels of fitness your working as hard as you can for your own personal benefits! This boot camp divides into 15 min intervals.


First 15 : Cardio Cario Cardio. We all breathe so this only makes sense that we wold want to boost our cardio and warm the muscles up first and get us sweating. 

Second 15: Core Core Core. Focusing on the core we will be doing exercises from the floor and standing (so if u own a yoga mat bring it!) Building the core really help with our posture as well as digestion and healthy organs!


Third 15: Legs Legs Legs. We use them for everything they are our support they carry us everywhere! Our focus is thighs and butt.  Our knees are so important to us and they are usually one of the first places with see problems in our body due to the weight and strain they hold on a daily basis. We focus on legs to give our knees a longer life!

Fourth 15: stretch it out. After working so hard for 45mins straight the last 15 we take to stretch out to ensure that we have minimal soreness the next day. This helps release the muscles and get the circulation going throughout the body.

This class is perfect for the person who gets bored quickly its fast paced and changes it up within the hour.  It must be said that technique is key in this class to ensure safety so regardless if you are a beginner or u know your way in a boot camp class you may surprise yourself with your own ability and what you can grow to do!

A class like this is also good for people who have a lot of energy and nowhere to put it! Or you have no energy and you want to train your body to feel more energetic! Whatever the case come, get fit and healthy! The release of endorphins, that’s doesn’t hurt either,  you won’t regret it!

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