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What is Belly Dancing?

Belly Dance is a very sensual, fun past time and offers an excellent workout especially for the abdominal area. This ethnic dance which originated in the Middle East has different influences from regions such as Egypt, Africa, Lebanon, Turkey and more. Today it is enjoyed by dancers worldwide and is a popular form of entertainment and exercise as well as a great way to meet new friends and socialize.

Belly Dance has many social, mental and physical health benefits. Belly Dance classes promote better circulation and can reduce blood pressure, assist in joint health and act as a great cardiovascular exercise which burns calories, tones up and strengthens the body and assists with trimming up and getting fit.

The technique of belly dance varies with the type and style but most of the basics involve circular motions that, very similar to salsa body movement, isolate certain body parts such as hips, abs, shoulders, etc. The use of a coin belt or scarf tied around the hips assists with accenting and isolating the hips.

It is a misconception that men do not belly dance. Historically men have been very involved in this dance and we welcome males in our Toronto Belly Dance classes.

Belly Dancing Classes in Toronto !

Toronto Dance Salsa offers Belly Dancing classes in Toronto for beginners. This five week introduction class will address technique involving isolation, balance and coordination. Hip and ab movements, shimmies and body rolls will be covered for an excellent full body workout.

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