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Ballet Barre Classes Toronto / Ballet Barre Exercises

This class can capture anyone who once wore a toutou or anyone who dreamt about it, and then fell in love with yoga or is about too. Good for all levels of experience or no experience at all in any sort of dance or fitness.
This class uses techniques from ballet to help strengthen the back, thighs and helps with a very firm butt!


Posture is key in ballet so if you know your posture is slacking this class would most defiantly be beneficial for you.  Lots of attention is paid to the mid back in this class due to the different placements of the arms. The ways in which the arms flow allows the chance to free the shoulders and get the circulation going in the upper body.  


Since the majority of us keep our tension in our shoulders any relaxation and circulation you can bring to the area the better.  Less tension in the shoulders may result in less to no headaches if you are constantly suffering from tension headaches.  Tension in the neck and shoulders reduces circulation to the fingers as well.


If you are using your fingers from a day to day basis, which I’m sure most of us are, this may cause some discomfort. Circulation in the joints can help prevent arthritis as well as sooth the pain of those currently suffering.

A strong lower body is very important in ballet, therefore this class will play with different leg extensions to strengthen and tone the muscles in the legs and butt. During the class you’ll be learning how to control different muscles in order to move the body.  Waking up muscles you forgot you had. 


The one big different from ballet to yoga is the feet placement. In yoga we keep our feet straight forward for the most part, whereas in ballet, the feet and legs are constantly being turned out and pointed.  Due to this different ballet using a whole different set of muscles in a different way than yoga does.


The variation is beneficial to the body to keep fresh and versatile, stepping out of the comfort zone of your everyday routine.  So give yourself at least three classes to allow your mind and your body to connect and get into the flow of changing muscle use.  You’ll you be so glad you did.

The class is also a slower pace allowing for everyone to take the time to really get the feel for each movement.  Music does play a part in this class, allowing the body to move not only with the breath but sway to the vibrations of the music, lengthening every movement so you never really stop moving ever.

Like all yoga classes this combo class does finish with a shavasana, or corpse pose to allow the body to adjust and adapt to all the work just done on the muscles. As well as to give the mind a moment to relax after all that thinking not just within the class but from everything involved in your day.

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